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No surprise June 14, 2016

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…that the Sun is backing a Brexit, though some of the commentary this morning would seem to suggest that it is unexpected.

This made me smile:

Trevor Kavanagh, the Sun’s associate editor, is on the Today programme to talk about today’s front page. He says the decision to back Brexit didn’t surprise him.

I’ll bet. More broadly for a more reactionary voice one would have to go quite some way – though perhaps these days not quite as far as once was the case.

Fair question asked there too:

The 9% of Ukip voters who don’t back Britain leaving the EU are an … interesting demographic.


1. sonofstan - June 14, 2016

The Sun – for whom the British Empire never sets

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2. Roger Cole - June 14, 2016

It did not set for Blair or Cameron either


3. oldpoet56 - June 14, 2016

I am not an economist and I do not live in the UK so I do not know if leaving or staying in the EU is the best thing for the people of the UK. It is difficult to know who knows what they are talking about and who is telling the truth or is lying.


4. oldpoet56 - June 14, 2016

Reblogged this on Truth Troubles: Why people hate the truths' of the real world and commented:
I just pray for the people of the UK that the best result for the people is the result that comes to fruition.


Hugh Murphy - June 14, 2016

The only people who hate the Truth are those who don’t want it spoken, e.g Shane Ross. Here is an email I sent to many contacts including Ross himself.

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A few years back in the Dail, Shane Ross labelled the deplorable situation that existed between the HSE and the Trade Union SIPTU a Slush Fund. In Brief a new manager was appointed to the HSE and he wanted to know why millions of euros was being paid into a SIPTU Bank Account. His investigations revealed that the money was being used to take SIPTU Officials and HSE managers to St Patrick’s Day in New York and other questionable junkets. What silenced Shane Ross? Here is a letter I emailed him.


Hello Shane,

Just like you the Macgill summer school has censored me.
They won’t allow me to speak at this years event.
So much for honouring the Navvy poet,, which no doubt,
seeing you’ve joined the adherents of Animal Farm agree with.
That said, if you ever revive your principles and the Slush Fund
thinking you might consider asking Jack O’Connor to attend the
Public Accounts Committee and shed some light on his cover up of this dastardly practice.
Also, at the same session you could invite some “investigative
Journalists” like Fintan O’Toole and Vincent Browne and ask them why exposing ITGWU’s/ SIPTU’s persecuting of its own members is anathema to them. And of course, not to forget David Mc’Williams who can testify that Jack O’Connor lied to his face when he said:”my Belfast solicitor can find no substance to Mr Murphy’s allegations.
In fact his solicitor said the exact opposite. Shane, should you care to read it, this letter from John O’Neill of Thompson McClures, Belfast it’s on http://www.siptupresidentjackoconnorexposed.com

I notice you have pontificated lately about your future ‘crossing of swords’ with Jack O’Connor. The Public Accounts Committee is the perfect place in which to do it – and while you’re at it you could ‘invite’ the named people in the Arts who support SIPTU’s censoring of me.

Further information which would be of benefit to the Public Accounts Committee are my postings on linkedin – especially,
This statement is very sad and yet very true. See my [cut to bits]
letter in Sunday Times, 20th March, past.
Because I exposed the bare faced hypocrisy of Jack O’Connor, whereby he refused to condemn the actions of the Belfast Chairman [40 years ago] when his Union persecuted and sacked its own members – his cronies in the Arts censored my play, ‘The Judas Goat’ which is about those events.
Not content with this – they censor all my writing, and my new play ‘The Grandeur of Delusions’, is no different. Officialdom in the Arts in Ireland wallows in Hypocrisy.
See also my Trade Union postings, the most informative being
HISTORIC CENSORSHIP FROM LARGEST TRADE UNION IN IRELAND – which gives chapter and verse and names some people in the Dublin Arts in responsible for the Censorship. I know of several others but will only accuse when I can prove what I say. A barrister once said to me, “knowing it and proving are two different things entirely”.
The arts practitioners in Dublin know only to well who these well paid Directors are, but like Aosdana keep quiet to hopefully earn a living. When I complained to Aosdana about the censorship I’m experiencing, I expected [because they’re all Artists of one hue or another] some sort of Fair Treatment – or at the very least – an acknowledgement of my complaint.
However founding member Robert Ballagh, with his resignation and truthful denunciation of this silent cartel – has put me straight on what sort of treatment to expect. No doubt these ‘Artists’ are more concerned about their “payments” -and this justifies the fact they keep their heads well below the parapet.
In so doing they will not endanger their ‘golden handshake’ by
standing up for – “the right of a writer to write the Truth” – or
those other pesky little things which don’t affect them, that True
Artists are supposed to uphold, like free speech, the right to earn a living from their Art – and most importantly, the right not to live in fear.
This was highlighted in no uncertain terms by Robert Ballagh.
To Aosdana I say this – he who pays the piper calls the tune and your silent tune is deafening.
Here is a synopsis of my new play – ‘The Grandeur of Delusions’, which is also censored and kept out of mainstream subsidised theatres. This finished a short tour on Saturday the 19th September, last, in Town Hall Theatre, Co Mayo – which
included, Civic Theatre, Tallaght, The Mill Theatre, Dundrum and Drioght, with the actors getting a well deserved standing ovation on the last night.
The play shows exactly how and why anyone – given the inappropriate childhood circumstances can become addicted to Alcohol or indeed to any mind altering substance. This I know is a mind blowing statement to make but as shown is sadly true – and is uniquely a monologue for two people – an obvious contradiction but unfortunately in this case entirely true as it depicts an Alcoholic talking to himself through the medium of his Delusion – a lovely young Girl.
It was staged by actors from the Heart & Soul Theatre Company [without any funding whatsoever] who hope to take it into secondary schools to show and inform our children exactly what addiction to mind altering drugs can lead to.
See the Heart & Soul Theatre Facebook and Twitter pages.
This play deals with, in a dramatic fashion, the circumstances
surrounding alcohol abuse, and the downward spiral which alcoholics inflict on themselves and their families.
The delusional aspects of ‘Terry’, the alcoholic in the play, not only affects his thinking but also corrupts the thinking of all who surround him. Unless treatment is sought there can only be one inevitable end – and because Addiction knows no class or age group this play will reach all ages and across every spectrum of society.
In fact – because of learned behaviour, the younger a child is when exposed to addictive, destructive alcoholic trauma – the more likely they are to form an addictive personality and become addicted to some form of escapism themselves, rather than face the rigours of life. The only way children of those who suffer from the disease of addiction, can protect themselves – is to abstain from all mind and mood altering drink and drugs – and If they do partake are almost guaranteed to become addicted.
The censoring of this play shows exactly the morals of the Censors – and would disgust Jim Larkin, the Union Founder. His hatred of alcohol was well known, and at Dublin Docks before the Lock-Out, he refused to allow foremen to pay the Dockers in the pubs.
Needless to say, Jack O’Connor and the Union Stalwarts hypocritically claim to honour the great Trade Union leader, Jim Larkin.


5. FergusD - June 14, 2016

Sun headline “BeLeave in Britain”, union jacks everywhere. JUst rampant nationalism (of the bad kind).


sonofstan - June 14, 2016

With the Euros on, it’s difficult to interpret the intentions behind the flag waving sometimes.
I still have no idea why most of Oxford St, and all of Regent St are bedecked with Union Jacks across the street at slight higher than double decker bus level.


6. Jim Monaghan - June 14, 2016
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