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Autarchists June 17, 2016

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Last week identitarians. This week… autarchists. I wasn’t aware of this particular slice of history regarding the Koch brothers. But as noted in the New Statesman in the course of a long piece by Jane Mayer noting how marginal they now are in regard to a Republican Party that has Donald Trump as its Presidential candidate:

Charles Koch, now 80, who with David owns almost all of Koch Industries, America’s second-largest private company, has always been the intellectual engine behind the brothers’ political ambitions. As a young man, he not only joined the John Birch Society but also became an acolyte of a radical libertarian thinker named Robert LeFevre, who called himself an “autarchist” because he didn’t like the word “anarchist”. LeFevre was so anti-government that he described it as “a disease masquerading as its own cure”. 
The FBI considered the group extreme enough to place under surveillance. These libertarians were so far beyond the norm, even for US conservatives at the time, that William F Buckley, the founder of America’s modern conservative movement, dismissed them as “anarcho-totalitarians”.

Here’s the autarchism entry on wiki. Incoherent is the word that springs to mind. It is a rejection of all government. How that would actually work doesn’t appear to be very well thought out – being in essence a philosophical rather than a political/political economy position.

But then that may be explained by recourse to LeFevre’s entry here. It’s…er… eye-opening in regard to his career. It’s not everyday that you see a link, granted slightly indirect, back to Madam Blavatsky (check this out).

Thing is, as the article notes. Despite being marginal in this election cycle, the Koch brothers:

Yet an adviser to the Kochs recently told me: “They feel they’re on a roll.” He explained that, by skipping the costly presidential race, the brothers will have more money than ever for other projects. Their goal now is to keep both Houses of Congress under Republican control and to spend more on converting Americans to their anti-government cause.


1. Starkadder - June 18, 2016

On the subject of Robert Lefevre, I’ve read several sources (including the Brian Doherty book on Libertarianism) saying one of the characters in Robert A. Heinlein’s “The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress” was based on him.


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