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Brexit and the border… you pays your money, you takes your choice… June 17, 2016

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The SBP has no less than three people opining on the ramifications of Brexit on the border on this island.

Pat Rabbitte, isn’t confident. Expressing more concern about the Peace Process than I have heard from him in, what, a decade or so, he writes:

It defies imagination to believe the advantages outright the disadvantages. A vote to leave could destabilise process towards normalisation int eh north and seriously rupture relations between the South and the North. Northern Secretary Theresa Villiers blithely assures people that everything will continue as before. Chancellor Osborne in a rare visit to the North, says the exact opposite. it is not possible from any viewpoint to put a costive construction on what seems like the inevitable erection of customs barriers on the border.

On the other hand Michael McDowell is unconvinced.

I do not believe in the politics of fear. I simply do not believe that here ail be border posts along the North-South land frontier in the event of Brexit. Some form of Common Travel Area will remerge. After all it is very difficult to see Britain wanting to re-impose visas for EU citizens travelling to Britain post-Brexit. Immigration controls on EU migrants will be done buh means of work permits and welfare controls rather than by visa.

Matt Cooper on the… er… third hand, a self-confessed possible Exit voter were he in the UK argues that:

Some on the exit campaign believe the special relationship between Ireland and Britain which result din the comment travel arrangements without need of a passport and the reciprocal voting rights (which means that Irish citizens in Britain actually have a vote in this referendum) would be easily maintained. It’s hard to see who they could be. Other EU countries with land borders with non-Eu countries don’t get special deals that are unavailable to other EU members.

Perhaps the fact we also have a specific interest and engagement in relation to the North may impact on that latter point. Perhaps not. But yeah, probably.


1. roddy - June 17, 2016

Rabbite has still not learned after 40 years that there never can be “normalisation” in an abnormal state whose creation did’nt have a shred of legitimacy.


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