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Brexit from 1975 June 17, 2016

Posted by irishelectionliterature in European Politics.



As the Brexit Referendum approaches a leaflet I have from the previous UK Referendum….

In 1975 the UK held a Referendum on withdrawal from the EEC (there was no Referendum on the UK’s entry to the EEC) . The Referendum asked
Do you think the UK should stay in the European Community (Common Market)?

17,378,581 (67.2%) voted Yes and 8,470,073 (32.8%) voted No.
This Leaflet is calling for a No vote and is published by former Liberal MP Air Vice Marshal Don Bennett.
Interesting how Immigration wasn’t mentioned but there were echoes of WWII, a ‘Red Scare’ and other points almost harking back to Empire.


1. Gewerkschaftler - June 17, 2016

No sign of communism in that ‘customs union’, it turns out.

Unless you count the communism for the super-rich, where they get bailed out when they’re threatened with significant loss and have sufficient political pull.

All paid for by cuts and depressed wages for the not-super-rich, of course.


2. Joe - June 17, 2016

Am I right in saying that the Labour Party in 1975 wanted out of the EEC? And that the Tories wanted in?


3. Starkadder - June 17, 2016

An Air Vice-Marshal with far-right sympathies? May remind some people of this Rex Warner novel:


Also, it’s odd that those people never seem to object to being
merged in another international organisation where Britain doesn’t
call all the shots- NATO.


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