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If it’s too loud… June 18, 2016

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Some will have read the new that…


AC/DC lead singer Brian Johnson has been told to stop touring immediately or risk going deaf.

The Australian rock band have now postponed the remaining dates of their US tour because of the Gateshead-born singer’s condition.

The band said doctors advised the 68-year-old Back In Black singer to stop touring immediately or risk total hearing loss.

I was at my first late night gig in a couple of years earlier in the year and I had to wear earplugs. This is on foot of going back in 2008 to a gig where I got very mild tinnitus in one ear and had it ever since (I wasn’t wearing earphones). I’m now probably madly over protective – and yet, and yet, slipping the ear plugs out a couple of times during the gig I was blown away by how loud it was. And even then earplugs, unless of a very specific kind won’t necessarily protect the ears entirely.

More recently at Robert Forster in Whelans the sound levels were so mild that I didn’t even need earplugs. Well either that or my hearing is now so bad I can’t tell the difference.

So I feel for Johnson’s situation. My hearing has definitely changed over the past decade and the idea of losing it entirely is appalling.

Meanwhile his temporary replacement, one Axl Rose, is acquitting himself – by all accounts – pretty well. Never a mad fan of Guns N’ Roses, but got to hand it to the man, he has a voice positioned midway between Johnson and Bon Scott.


1. gendjinn - June 18, 2016

There’s the story of an MBV gig in NY in the 90s where the music was so loud that the one guy that didn’t move 50 feet back from the front of the stage ruptured the capillaries in his lips from the sound.


WorldbyStorm - June 18, 2016

I can believe it. I’ve been at some loud gigs. Royal Trux was one. Girls Against Boys another. But never quite that loud.


gendjinn - June 18, 2016

The mbv gig on their recent tour was the loudest I’ve ever been to. They were handing out ear plugs at the entry.


WorldbyStorm - June 18, 2016

I love mbv, but there’s a point where too loud is too loud.


gendjinn - June 18, 2016

Yeah but if you come prepared the area in front of the band is clear and available 🙂


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