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Sunday Times/Behaviour and Attitude Poll June 18, 2016

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FG: 26 (+1), FF:25 (-2), SF: 17 (+1), Independents 9 (+1),  INDEPENDENT ALLIANCE: 6 (-1), LP: 5 (NC), AAAPBP: 4 (NC), GP: 3 (-1), WP: 2, SD: 1, RENUA: 1.  

Must be some scratching of heads over the SD at 1% and WP at 2%. But it’s all within the margin of error isn’t it? And weirdly similar to the percentages at the actual Election earlier in the year. Not sure what that tells us.

It’s the summer anyhow with a recess approaching at a rapid rate of knots and most politicians eager to get away for a while. But this poll won’t – for sure – have anyone wanting to collapse the government, either from within or without.


1. WorldbyStorm - June 18, 2016

Speaking of polls here’s one which was conducted mostly before the murder of Jo Cox in the UK… Opinium/Observer – Remain/Leave 44%/44%


2. Enzo - June 18, 2016

On the WP/SD point, could be a bit of regional bias in the survey. WP would be stronger in Munster than the SDs.


WorldbyStorm - June 19, 2016

Makes sense


3. damonmatthewwise - June 18, 2016

Where are all the Green Left parties here: GPI/CG, Fís Nua, DDI and IDP?


WorldbyStorm - June 19, 2016



damonmatthewwise - November 7, 2016

Direct Democracy Ireland!


4. fergal - June 19, 2016

I see Brendan Howlin’s elevation is having quite the effect………


WorldbyStorm - June 19, 2016

Hehehe, yeah, hadn’t thought of it like that!


Dermot O Connor - June 19, 2016

BH4.7 (%)


5. roddy - June 19, 2016

I would take 10 BH’s to make an AK then?


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