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Unnecessary detail June 18, 2016

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Uncategorized.

The case winding through the courts about the similarities or not between Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven” and Spirit’s “Taurus” has been mentioned before on the CLR. I’m still pretty indifferent to it. Page appears to have been – shall we say – careless about crediting others in regard to songs, but both songs while pivoting around similar approaches seem to me to be different enough to be distinct from one another (and in a way what precisely are the negative outcomes – is the complaint that somehow Taurus would have been as popular as Stairway to Heaven if only the latter hadn’t existed?). But be that as it may the court reporting is entertaining:

The trial has been closely watched this week as Page, 72, and Plant, 67, attended court, both wearing suits with their long silver hair tied into ponytails.



1. Tomboktu - June 18, 2016

Women in the public eye are subject to irrelevant details of their dress or appearance being reported all the time.

Did the article go on to tell us their marital and parental status?


2. lamentreat - June 19, 2016

I thought it was quite interesting detail though. The two aging rockers somehow persuaded that long silver ponytails are a good look. Tells you something about them.


WorldbyStorm - June 19, 2016

But what? 😉


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