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Junkfood and social media and…er… on another tangent entirely Easons café and leftists of our acquaintance…  June 19, 2016

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This is kind of disturbing. Many will know that there are submerged realms on the internet which adults are only vaguely aware of which children are keenly interested in. For example, for some of you the name Stampylongnose will mean something. For those who don’t well knock yourselves out googling him. Let’s just say he’s something of a folk hero amongst certain circles of Minecraft devotees with long drawn out youtube videos of his world. Another example – I was in Easons last Saturday and there were massive queues of early to mid-teens, mostly female. Apparently a v-logger was appearing. Kudos, in a way, to Eason’s for keeping up to speed with such matters.

Now, in a way that’s innocuous enough, one hopes. But this isn’t:

Food companies are increasingly using hidden tactics and emotional persuasion to market unhealthy food to young people online, according to a report.

The growth in digital marketing of unhealthy food and drinks highlights the need for tough new regulations to protect children’s health, according to the Irish Heart Foundation, which commissioned the report.

Existing curbs on television advertising aimed at children should be extended to all media, the report recommends.


The report found that brands direct “immersive, engaging persuasion” at teenage Facebook users in Ireland, “based on novelty, competition, fun, humour, entertainment and peer approaches”.

One-quarter of the social media posts by brands analysed did not show food, packaging or a logo, indicating a shift to “more subtle promotional strategies that are less easily identified as advertising”.

The report said social media posts for junk foods were designed to “evade children’s ability to process consciously that posts are marketing that seek to sell”.

As importantly, people, once appraised of this, aren’t happy:

Parents, when shown examples of these posts, switched from initial indifference to a negative reaction, according to the report.

They were “very hostile” to the use of tagging, sharing and the promotion of unhealthy products using celebrities.

By the way, just on Easons café, the one on the floor with Tower Records, I have met more people by accident in there from the Irish left than almost anywhere else I can care to mention. Ex (and current) SP, former LP left, WP, SF etc, etc.  It’s the soup and scones – yeah?


1. dublinstreams - June 19, 2016

here’s the actual study http://www.irishheart.ie/iopen24/regulation-online-marketing-kids-urgedjunk-food-tactics-n-536.html some of the headlines went as far as to say something like ‘Junkfood companies targeting facebook ads kids’, while the study highlights kid focused websites and facebook pages and games, how would the kids come across these pages? Im not sure they proved that these companies are using targeted ads at teens, they admit they can’t see what teens acctually see on FB, pg 38 3.7, The way they tried to find out which companies are targeting kids is to go through process of creating ads and somehow enter the top brands and see what facebook says the ad reach for teenagers would be for those brands, Im not clear on how they did that pg 27 some screenshots of that process would be helpful, I couldn’t replicate what they did.


2. roddy - June 19, 2016

AM I a running dog of western imperialism for liking junk food?


WorldbyStorm - June 19, 2016

Everything in moderation. I like it too every once in a while.


3. LeftAtTheCross - June 19, 2016

Now if only Chapters had a cafe…


Michael Carley - June 19, 2016

Books Upstairs does and they sell obscure leftie magazines.


4. roddy - June 19, 2016

What’s Chapters?


LeftAtTheCross - June 19, 2016

Best and biggest bookshop in Dublin Roddy, with an excellent second hand section upstairs. On Parnell St., just around the corner from Provo HQ.


WorldbyStorm - June 19, 2016

It is too!


Tomboktu - June 19, 2016

And run by an FGer!


5. Starkadder - June 19, 2016

The last time I met my young cousins (7 and 12) their mother had to
yell at them to get off their Smartphones and say hi to their cousin
Starkadder. They were quite into Minecraft and went back to playing the game as soon as they had a chance.

I agree about Chapters. Possibly the best bookshop in Dublin.


Alibaba - June 20, 2016

I agree about Chapters too. Good to see that they will check whether they have the wanted book in a second hand version upstairs. This area is worth a visit also. Very handy for ordering books and will do so over the phone or after a visit there. Best of all you can have nosey about the place and read at your leisure.


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