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Lizards and us… June 19, 2016

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I’m  astounded at how this has tenaciously remained in an admittedly fairly obscure part of the public imagination. The Guardian reports that:


When Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg hosted a livestreamed Q&A earlier this week, he was probably expecting questions about emergent tech and online entrepreneurism rather than someone asking whether he was, in fact, a shape-shifting alien reptile.

“Mark, are the allegations true that you’re secretly a lizard?” Zuckerberg read aloud, before replying in the negative and declaring the question “very silly”. Well, he would say that, wouldn’t he?

For the lizards/alien/shapeshifting rulers of the world stuff, which has at various times included such luminaries as ‘George W Bush and Donald Rumsfeld to Simon Cowell and Kris Kristofferson (!)’, remains extant. But as the Guardian asks, where did it come from?

Step forward….David Icke. I well remember successive interviews he gave as he moved further and further into conspiracy across the years winding up with ‘The Biggest Secret’, his book from 1999.

On Planet Icke, these shadowy puppet-masters, usually known as the Illuminati, emerged as none other than shape-shifting reptoid aliens from another dimension with a taste for human flesh, preferably of the infant variety.

Though, as the Guardian also notes, perhaps this was… ‘copped from a viewing of 1980s TV show V’. Poor old V, it was no great shakes, but it didn’t deserve that. By the way, was the reboot any good?

I’ve often thought that if I wanted to make money, real money, I’d start a religion. This seems in a way to be an equivalent. But isn’t it an oddly contemporary one? Here’s fear of elites, and also a sort of passivity too in the face of them, a depoliticised passivity at that, dressed up in the garb of aliens and UFOs and yet also cloaked in magical, almost fairy-tale, properties. It’s perfect for people who would never actually do anything much about actual class elites. Perfect for the times we’re in.


1. Aonrud ⚘ - June 19, 2016

I’ve often thought that if I wanted to make money, real money, I’d start a religion.

L. Ron Hubbard said the same thing, apparently. Just don’t go out on a boat with your more zealous acolytes…


WorldbyStorm - June 19, 2016


Have you ever read Bare Faced Messiah about him? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bare-faced_Messiah

It’s quite a read.


2. dublinstreams - June 19, 2016

Goldaman Sachs vampire squid, lizards men same difference


3. Dermot O Connor - June 19, 2016

There’s a great video by Jon Ronson ‘Secret Rulers of the World’. He follows Icke around, but can’t shake off the idea that when Icke says ‘Reptiles’, what he really means is ‘Jews’. There’s a great scene where Ronson keeps asking Icke if he really means the Jews, Icke says over and over, no, I really mean they’re aliens. Finally, Icke says “DO YOU REALISE HOW CRAZY YOU SOUND?”


botheredbarney - June 19, 2016

It’s one of the funniest conspiracy theory documentaries I’ve watched. It has brightened up a rainy summer afternoon for me. I prefer the Three Stooges though.


4. Dermot O Connor - June 19, 2016

I don’t get the feeling that Icke is an anti-Semite, but Ronson got the vibe that some of his followers are.

Even though Icke’s idea is literally crazy, I don’t think it’s metaphorically crazy (in the sense that if you have two groups of citizens, and one group thinks that elected politicians represent us and have our best interests at heart, that “we’re all in it together”, all that sunday school bollocks, and a second group thinks that they’re evil shape shifting lizards who don’t care if we live or die), well, of those two conceptual maps, which one will predict their behaviour most accurately? Which group will be able to predict the actions of an Obama, a Blair or a Clinton? The ones who think that these creatures are evil lizards will have a much better idea it seems to me.

This is similar to Gregory Bateson’s ideas about the map & territory:


QUOTE: Gregory Bateson, in “Form, Substance and Difference”, from Steps to an Ecology of Mind (1972), argued the essential impossibility of knowing what any actual territory is. Any understanding of any territory is based on one or more sensory channels reporting adequately but imperfectly:

We say the map is different from the territory. But what is the territory? Operationally, somebody went out with a retina or a measuring stick and made representations which were then put on paper. What is on the paper map is a representation of what was in the retinal representation of the man who made the map; and as you push the question back, what you find is an infinite regress, an infinite series of maps. The territory never gets in at all. […] Always, the process of representation will filter it out so that the mental world is only maps of maps, ad infinitum.

Elsewhere in that same volume, Bateson argued that the usefulness of a map (a representation of reality) is not necessarily a matter of its literal truthfulness, but its having a structure analogous, for the purpose at hand, to the territory…

To paraphrase Bateson’s argument, a culture that believes that common colds are transmitted by evil spirits, that those spirits fly out of you when you sneeze, can pass from one person to another when they are inhaled or when both handle the same objects, etc., could have just as effective a “map” for public health as one that substituted microbes for spirits.

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5. Dermot O Connor - June 19, 2016

Also, the V remake = unwatchable.


6. Sean Munger - June 19, 2016

There actually is a religion–or more accurately a cult–that incorporates the “lizard people” conspiracy theory as a core part of their belief system. It’s called Desteni. And yes, they also worship Adolf Hitler too, further underscoring that the “lizard people” idea is simply a science-fiction version of fiercely anti-Semitic conspiracy theories that have been circulated for centuries.


Dermot O Connor - June 19, 2016

Had never heard of these – thanks for the info. They sound utterly bonkers. While this proves that crazy people are attracted to Icke, I still can’t take this as evidence that Icke himself is an anti-semite.

On the subject of subterranean anti-semitism, the attitudes of some people towards Muslims are a far greater vein of that old beast – as in the Daily Mail cartoon showing Muslims entering Europe with rats.


Some choice stuff on Destini. Yeeeeeeeks.


QUOTE: In Is God a Reptilian, Poolman said: ‘It is also Worthwhile Studying the work of David Icke. His Research is Meticulous in terms of the Global Problem’, but that ‘he was just an Pawn in the Hands of these Reptilians’. Conspiracy theorist, David Icke and his supporters, however, do not support Desteni.

Poolman also said that religious people belong to suicide cults, the human should be eradicated at all costs, teeth represent a crown of thorns, mass movements are controlled by ectoplasm, Adolf Hitler should be forgiven, pornography, prostitution and child rape are caused by masturbation or ‘the family’, elite ‘rulers of the world’ control events at the behest of Anu, a reptilian god, that Everything that you are as a Human: can be Traced back to a Reptilian God and Desteni is ‘the message of Jesus’, which is atheism.

Desteni is inspired by the deranged, misanthropic pronouncements of Poolman, but more particularly the young woman who he admitted served as his mouthpiece: Sunette Spies AKA the ‘Desteni Interdimensional Portal’. Most people who signed up to Desteni were drawn in less by the writings or talks of Poolman than the videos of Sunette Spies. Poolman described the ‘Desteni Portal’ as ‘Possibly the Greatest Miracle Ever on Earth’.


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