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Just on Libertarianism… June 20, 2016

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Seeing as we were talking about it before the weekend. Jacob Weisberg has another useful piece in Slate on why libertarianism is blowing a good opportunity to push its own agenda at this election. Be that as it may, he reminded me of something else:

A somewhat different style of libertarianism flourishes in Silicon Valley, where it meets the feeling of the rich and immature that Washington should leave them alone. The leading exemplar of this set is Peter Thiel, the billionaire co-founder of PayPal and a Trump delegate to the Republican convention.

Note that last. As this:

Thiel contends that extending the franchise to women in the 1920s destroyed American capitalism. He helped found the Seasteading Institute, an organization devoted to creating a law-free floating community in the middle of the ocean. More recently, Thiel has been exposed as the financier of a libel suit against Gawker Media that threatens the free press.

You can read more of his thoughts here…

Lovely, eh? I’m always troubled when I read anyone who mentions ‘higher IQ’ in anything other than a sceptical way, particularly when they clearly include themselves in that supposed bracket. Then there’s the pervasive disdain for ’the crowd’ or the ‘unthinking demos’. That’s us, folks! The funny thing is that in some ways I agree with him, though for different reasons, about establishing communities both on and off planet. If feasible.

Nice to juxtapose that with this comment BTL. It’s a bit cruel, but having worked in two such corporations…

The most fun libertarians are the ones ensconced in positions in corporations. After all nothing says individuality and personal responsibility like working in an institution with a strict hierarchy who is protected from most every kind of liability you can imagine.


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