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RENUA… again June 21, 2016

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Remarkable, isn’t it, the concentration on RENUA in the media? For this weekend there’s the not uninteresting, but hardly vital, story that Declan Ganley gave a loan to RENUA.

According to a source familiar with the matter, the loan was used by Renua for a media campaign that saw prominent adverts placed in the Irish Times and the Irish Independent.
Asked for comment on the matter, a spokesperson for Mr Ganley said: “There’s nothing to hide.

“Declan made it very clear on Twitter last year that he was a supporter of the party and that he wished them well. He was hugely on board with the ‘flat tax’ idea. When they came out with it, he was hugely enthused.”

Some would say that wasn’t money well spent. But to each their own.

Meanwhile… in the Irish Times Pat Leahy had a piece under the following headline:

Renua: The long, painful demise of a political party

A long and painful demise? Really? This was a party that was unleashed upon an electorate overwhelmingly indifferent to it (including that ‘flat tax’ idea) on 13th of March 2015. By my reckoning it has been in existence just over a year and three months. Long and painful? If its demise is measured from the election alone we’re talking a handful of months.

Leahy writes:

Since the general election, Renua has ceased to function as a political party in any meaningful sense.
In recent weeks, the corpse twitched a few times with the formal departure of its chief standard bearers.

But the truth is it was hardly much of a party in any meaningful sense prior to the election. It was – at best – a rather pointless splinter from FG, one which, as Leahy also notes:

As an electoral competitor, Renua flopped, conspicuously and completely.

If there is a lesson to be drawn from this history it is that there was – despite the best urgings of parts of the media, no great appetite for a right of Fine Gael party, no great space policy wise for same (unless one decided to visit the wilder shores of political thinking, which appeared to constitute in this instance a sort of attenuated right libertarianism which struck no chord with Irish citizens). Leahy sort of implies that the initial focus on abortion by its founders was a part of the problem, but given that those self-same founders paddled as fast away from the issue as they could subsequently, and that it was conspicuous by its absence in the RENUA policy platform (as well as prior to this having no electoral purchase on the electorate) one would have to wonder.

Truth is that, as noted previously, RENUA didn’t reach the parts of the Irish polity that Fine Gael (and a tranche of FF) wasn’t already well acquainted with. And that being the case – well, what was the reason for it? Indeed one could make a case that the PDs function was, as it were, to keep FF on the right and narrow – whereas FG could, to a degree be more reliably on that side of the political street from the off. Simply put there was no need of a rightward component (particularly not given the existence of a broad number of right leaning Independents).

Has anything changed? Hardly, given the polls say it has a mere 1% of support.


1. Anthony - June 21, 2016

Reports of Renua’s existence were greatly exaggerated.

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WorldbyStorm - June 21, 2016

excellent, I’m going to quote that!


Anthony - June 23, 2016

Ha, cheers.

As an aside of sorts – Hobbs has continually described himself as a ‘small business owner’ or some variant of same. He’s even used it as a means of having a go at people like, presumably, George Lee going straight back to a job at RTÉ.

So, what do his businesses do and who works there? Strikes me as odd how few people ever come forward talking about their business. That’s a bit odd.

It is possible, though, that I missed it all and haven’t looked hard enough.

Anybody know a person or persons working for a Hobbs company?


WorldbyStorm - June 23, 2016

Now that’s a question!


2. Ivorthorne - June 21, 2016

The focus on Renua reflects the fact that there are parts of the media who would quite like to have a party to the right of FG.

Meanwhilie, as the left grows, they continue to be ignored by the media except when somebody wants to slag them.

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WorldbyStorm - June 21, 2016

Yes, very true. The Sunday Undo fixation was particularly striking til they turned on them but all the media is complicit

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Michael Carley - June 21, 2016

Autocorrect of the year so far.

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3. deiseach - June 21, 2016

In fairness, ‘long’ demise also factors in a future existence for Renua based entirely on state largesse, which given the party’s self-image of being composed of horny-handed sons & daughters of toil is a wonderful irony. Incidentally this is also a self-image shared with the journalistic profession, none of whose membership owes their living to nepotism, cronyism or clientelism. But ‘painful’? The only pain anyone should be experiencing is a function of split sides.

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4. Gewerkschaftler - June 21, 2016

ReOLDA – I look forward to not reading the same nostalgic threnodies for the lost glories of the PDs in a year’s time.


5. Dermot O Connor - June 21, 2016

So much for their state funding. It’ll just go into DG’s pocket. Hopefully with a little interest, as it’s always good to ERNUA little pocket change.


WorldbyStorm - June 21, 2016

The state funding issue is amazing. No TDs, a handful of councillors.


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