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Blowing hot and cold… June 22, 2016

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…yep, it’s Michael McDowell who in the SBP comes out in favour of Remain in the UK referendum.


I remain of the view that Ireland’s interests overwhelmingly favour Britain remaining in the EU.




While I am confident that Ireland can survive Brexit, it would come at a cost which we should not want to bear. Unintended collateral advantages of Brexit, such as commercial displacement from London to Dublin, cannot in my view compensate us for the more obvious and immediate downside in economic and political terms.

Not that he’s shy to articulate the problems with the EU as he sees them. Or, perhaps in fairness, in terms of where he place blame in terms of the tightness of the referendum vote:


… Cameron’s Tories for promising a referendum… Cornyn’s Labour for its flaccid impotence… the Brussels elite’s unrealistic ambition [that] has alienated the peoples of Europe…

There are more but one would never think that he sat around cabinets that appointed EU commissioners. Just on the point about alienating the peoples of Europe this pew survey is interesting too – what it doesn’t ask is how many people want to exit the EU across its expanse. What is clear is that this far and no further in relation to EU integration appears to be a widely held view (and mine too as it happens, at least short of a socialist Europe).


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