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Brexit and the North of Ireland June 22, 2016

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Peter Geoghegan writing in the SBP at the weekend quotes the following point:


In 1998, just over 70 per cent of the North’s voters supported the GFA. Almost two decades later, the same constituency that supported the agreement wants to stay in the EU.


‘It’s basically all the nationalists and half of the unionists,”’ says Duncan Morrow [director of Community Engagement at University of Ulster].

Would those commenters here agree with that latter characterisation? And what of the DUP, so explicitly in favour of Brexit? Are its voters split on the issue or is it more a UUP/DUP split in terms of Brexit voting preferences as well?

And Geoghegan points to turnout being crucial. Any thoughts on that?



1. Chris Fogarty - June 22, 2016

Why did the people of Ireland vote for the GFA whose only enforceable clause mandated the gutting of Articles 2 and 3 of Ireland’s Constitution that had laid permanent national claim to the entire island and its territorial waters? It was the largest transfer of national territory in history absent catastrophic military defeat. Why did the people vote to surrender the Six Counties to Britain? Violence had peaked as far back as 1972 (472 murders) and had dropped to small numbers (69) by 1984; fourteen years prior to the 1998 GFA referendum. Now; the murderous RUC are the PSNI “investigating” their own murders while torture and abuse of republicans continues in Maghaberry, the same Diplock corruption continues, etc.


2. roddy - June 22, 2016

Duncan Morrow is talking balls as usual.Up to 80% of unionists support leave.


gendjinn - June 22, 2016

Getting out from underneath the ECHR? Of course over 80% of unionists support brexit.

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Nick - June 22, 2016

The ECHR has nothing to do with the EU. Totally separate.


WorldbyStorm - June 22, 2016

Yeah, but that’s the point in a way.


gendjinn - June 23, 2016

Lisbon treaty. Shall accede. But that’s not the point.

Over the past few years there have been many articles linking a Brexit to exiting the ECHR. This is very popular with unionists, and they’ve said so at length in the BelTele over the years.


3. benmadigan - June 22, 2016

getting back border controls, customs posts, soldiers on border patrol, watch-out towers, approved roads, maybe even a shoot to kill the immigrants policy – of course 100% DUP/orange order/UDA/UVF etc etc are drooling with joy at the thought of brexit!!!


Nick - June 22, 2016

Fantasy and hyperbole. That would suit no-one, not least the British state. The aim must be for all 32 counties from the EU, never mind Britain.


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