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That Republican Presidential campaign, oddly AWOL… June 23, 2016

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That Trump campaign? Not really in evidence according to Jamie Bouie of Slate and Ed Pilkington in the Guardian. As someone with a fair direct working knowledge of – admittedly by comparison tiny – political campaigns in this state this left me open-mouthed.

the Trump campaign has roughly 30 staffers nationwide. By comparison, Team Clinton has hired 50 people in Ohio alone.


As of Sunday, Team Clinton has put more than $23 million into advertising across eight swing states: Florida, Ohio, Nevada, Colorado, Virginia, North Carolina, Iowa, and New Hampshire. (Pennsylvania’s omission is curious.) Team Trump has nothing. Not a single dollar.


Exacerbating all of this, for Trump, is that he’s broke: Trump has just $2.4 million in the campaign coffers. Put differently, Clinton’s ad buy is nearly 10 times as large as what Trump has on hand for his entire operation. Trump could raise money, but reports say he’s uninterested in calling donors and other contributors.

Is his campaign perhaps the most high profile example of trolling we’ve ever seen? It’s odd, reading Dave Eggars piece in the Observer, before reading Bouie’s piece that thought struck me, that this was a campaign without substance. But now it seems it really is a campaign literally without substance.


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