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A ‘real’ Independent in cabinet? June 24, 2016

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Well, so says Katherine Zappone, Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, in the course of an interview in the SBP this last weekend.

With a cheeky dig at Ross’s Independent Alliance and Naughten’s Rural Alliance of Independents, she adds ‘I am the only non-aligned independent – that’s what it used to mean to be an independent’.

Indeed, though she notes that:

The four independents in cabinet are now planning their own pre-cabinet meeting. ‘There’s more of them [FG] than there are of us. That’s why it’s really important to maintain our identity as independents and I know Minister Ross is keen on that and Minister Naughten too’.

Not sure I can quite see how she squares the circle there.

There’s more:

Whatever about her political affiliation, Zappone describes herself as a pragmatic idealist. It’s a term coined by the American philosopher John Dewey and which was adopted by Gandhi. She sees its s a way of negotiating. Being pragmatic is about being strategic in her negotiations, she says, but what bout the idealist part?

‘I can see the end point. I can see where we ought to go or where we should be going.’ she says.




1. dublinstreams - June 25, 2016

would she be where she is without Chuck Feeney’s money?


2. Jolly Red Giant - June 25, 2016

An ‘independent’ of the establishment rather than independent of the establishment.


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