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Scotland (and Ireland) in the wake of the Brexit victory… June 24, 2016

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Some pieces on where Ireland (and Scotland) stand today. From Slate…, from the Guardian (interesting how the Scottish GP is as one with the SNP on this) and more here from that paper. From An Phoblacht.

Any other links?


1. gendjinn - June 24, 2016

Petition for London to secede and remain in the EU.

Partition England?

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2. benmadigan - June 24, 2016
3. gendjinn - June 25, 2016

Infuriatingly ridiculous – Villiers blithe indifferent denial of a request for a referendum on re-unification given Northern Ireland voted Remain by a greater margin than England voted to Leave.

And FG at the wheel is a disaster for Nationalism in the north, at least it’s not Bruton, that would be a catastrophe. I don’t see how SF and FF aren’t pushing for pressure to be applied to the UK govt to have a referenda on the border.

Don’t pay any heed to those worried that a border poll is defeated, they are entirely wrong. We hold a border poll sometime in the next 6 months before the UK is given EEA or figures out a do-over and we are guaranteed to win it somewhere in the 52-55% range. Unless NILT is right and there is a giant Catholic Unionist vote. Look at NI 2016 Assembly results compared to Leave/Remain – there are more than enough pro-EU Unionists to swing it. If we want re-unification this is the year to push as hard as we can for it.


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