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A bit of humour in these turbulent times! June 26, 2016

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NollaigO sends these thoughts:

Have you seen the IPR line on Brexit?

1. UK has been a long disruptive member of this once glorious project (albeit one which has degenerated over recent years)
2. Therefore the UK deserves to be expelled.
3. The referendum has been an act of self-expulsion.
4. (Read the July IPR)

PS Ironic that Red Mole Rising has jusy made available the 1975 RMG pamphlet on the EEC which was anti EEC and anti BICO’s then support of the EEC!


1. Gearóid - June 26, 2016
gendjinn - June 26, 2016

That show is the best documentary the BBC ever produced.


2. gendjinn - June 26, 2016

It is slowly becoming obvious that the only rational, reasonable and logical response to the Brexit vote and the anti-Brexit protests since, is to partition England, by county, creating two states that will remain/leave the EU as appropriate.

I mean, if it was the right policy for India/Pakistan, Cyprus, Ireland, Yemen… well the entire Middle East, then surely it’s the right policy for the English?

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Gewerkschaftler - June 26, 2016



Starkadder - June 27, 2016

Why stop at two? I can envision, Ulster-Scotland, Londoxfordshire and West Wales all emerging from the wreckage of post-Brexit Blighty. 🙂


3. EWI - June 26, 2016

The Irish Times has been hilarious too. The disaster of further separation from mother England has seen hair being pulled out left and right.

That, and their report on how the North voted, which managed to say a lot without being able to admit the plain truth of the constituency returns – that it was the Irresponsible Taigs who voted No, and the Serious Unionists who voted to leave.

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Gewerkschaftler - June 26, 2016

That was my impression as well – I rarely give the IT more than 5 mins these days – so many fixed ideas turned on their heads at once.

The PDs would have know what to do.


4. roddy - June 26, 2016

I voted remain and have left myself open to be called “a good European” –ARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHH

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ar scáth a chéile - June 27, 2016

The Irish good Europeans are threatening to turn bad if our precious Corporate tax is targeted –

Makes me laugh after years of liberal waffle about “the European project “

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5. roddy - June 27, 2016

As you know , i never discuss my religious status on here.However as an a la carte Catholic,I can inform you that prayer does indeed work.Just came in at 8.45 to see Iceland leading England 2-1.If they hold out I’ll upgrade to practising (for a week or 2 anyway!)


6. roddy - June 27, 2016

i’m for Portglenone monastry in the morning to get the oul slate cleaned!


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