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This England: 2016 June 27, 2016

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A very telling overview by Mike Carter who walked from Liverpool to London, 340 miles, in May…

In the footsteps of the People’s March for Jobs, a column of 300-odd unemployed men and women who, on the same day in 1981, exactly 35 years previously, had set off from the steps of St George’s Hall to walk to Trafalgar Square.

His observations, towns filled with charity shops, out of town shopping centres, closed down collieries, and a population whose vote was already in the bag for ‘Out’ and why?

“Immigration,” would come the response. “We want our country back.”


1. Dermot O Connor - June 28, 2016

by gum, it’s grim up north.

QUOTE: I walked through Widnes and Warrington, past huge out-of-town shopping centres and through the wastelands of industrial decay. In Salford, down streets where all the pubs were boarded up and local shops, if you could find them, had brick walls for windows and prison-like metal doors, I found an Airbnb. My host was selling her terraced house. I sat in her living room as the estate agent brought around potential buyers. They were all buy-to-let investors from the south of England, building property portfolios in the poverty, as if this was one giant fire sale
…I walked into central London, through Chiswick, past people sitting at pavement cafes, shops selling expensive furniture, estate agents offering two-bedroom flats for a million pounds. Through Hyde Park and on to Wellington Arch, with all the pomp and puffery of empire, and then Buckingham Palace, as tourists lapped up the pageantry. I was in, literally and spiritually, another country. UNQUOTE

Never mind the breakup of the UK or GB, if they’re not careful, and continue on this path for another 40 years, they’ll be lucky to avoid the breakup of England.


WorldbyStorm - June 28, 2016

That’s a hell of a thought. I think you’re absolutely right. I’ve been back and forth across England, north and south for three or four years now and the distinctions are profound. Add in the difference between cities and rural, etc, etc.


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