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A straw in the wind? June 29, 2016

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Uncategorized.

One small, and admittedly singular, straw in the wind is the following from the Guardian:

A new Guardian/ICM online poll provides a snapshot of the shape of party politics after the referendum. The fieldwork was conducted over the weekend, so entirely after news of the leave vote was announced, and David Cameron announced his resignation.
It suggests a small Brexit boost for the Tories, who are on 36%, up two from the last ICM online survey reported in the Guardian a fortnight ago. Labour, meanwhile, also climbs two from 30% to 32%. Ukip drops four points, to 15%, while the pro-European Liberal Democrats slip back one to 7%. The SNP, which campaigned successfully for the strong remain vote in Scotland, climbs one to 5%. The Greens are also up one on 5%. Plaid Cymru is on 1%.

Very small, entirely marginal, changes. Wait and see. That said, if the vote on Thursday was indeed anti-austerity it is curious to see the architects of that – the Tory party, not losing support, and actually gaining support.

More predictable is the fall in UKIP. The purpose of the exercise has been fulfilled – sort of.


1. gendjinn - June 29, 2016

UKIPers moving to the Tories. It’s their natural home anyway.


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