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Contingency June 30, 2016

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Again, to underscore the points made earlier in the week in relation to the Border and the Good Friday Agreement on here, Noel Dorr writing in the Irish Times makes the point that whatever people may say about the relationships on this island the reality is that there is simply no assurances that what emerges may be to our liking. The logic of Schengen and Irish membership of the EU in the context of a British departure, even one – perhaps – to EEA or EEA plus status, is that:

At best, like Norway, the UK, though outside the EU, might negotiate full access to the single market. But even so, there would still be customs posts and “rules of origin” procedures for goods moving between the EU and the UK, as there are between Norway and Sweden.

Dorr hopes that the GFA/BA can be used to leverage a more satisfactory arrangement, but he has to admit that although there are precedents (including the period 1940-1952 where all travel between the island of Ireland Britain involved passport/identity checks), are ‘matters for detailed negotiations’.


1. homepage - February 1, 2017
2. acompanhante rio de janeiro blog - February 13, 2017

Paciente será encaminhado ao Centro Cirúrgico por volta de 40
minutos de antemão do procedimento agendado. https://vimeo.com/user61736833/


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