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Cynicism? Nah, business as usual. June 30, 2016

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Can the Irish Times be right when it notes that:

…surprise, surprise, Vote Leave has pressed delete on its website’s “history” of speeches and pledges.

It appears so.


What is most astounding is that supposed insurgent campaigns of the right (I exclude left forces pushing for a Lexit from this) built in some part about the duplicity of political discourse act as badly or worse. Is it that they literally don’t care?


But then this is the crew who can deliver this, a naked jostling and bargaining for position  amongst the main protagonists.

You couldn’t make it up.


1. sonofstan - June 30, 2016

Gove is now standing for the leadership. That email now looks a bit calculated. In probably one the few perceptive comments he ever made, Cameron called Gove a ‘maoist’. I’ve seen him in person as it happens. He has the deeply weird air that you sometimes get with politicians.


WorldbyStorm - June 30, 2016

That makes sense SOs re calculation.


2. crocodileshoes - June 30, 2016

Gove gaining support among Brexiteers according to BBC News. In a few months we’ll be looking back fondly on an era of benevolent rule by Old Etonians 🙂


3. crocodileshoes - June 30, 2016

Boris has, as he’d no doubt like to see it, fallen on his sword.


4. dublinstreams - June 30, 2016

the banner isn’t there anymore and the Independent didn’t link directly to any of the old pages, so I can’t tell if they are gone or not


dublinstreams - June 30, 2016

Vote Leave’s campaign website is rebuilt for posterity http://www.wired.co.uk/article/developer-rebuilds-wiped-vote-leave-website


dublinstreams - June 30, 2016

oh i was looking at teh wrong site, thats what happens when you don’t include links


dublinstreams - June 30, 2016

don’t think Independent proved they couldn’t get past the banner


5. sonofstan - July 1, 2016


This is much more entertaining and informative that anything in the Guardian this week


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