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Meanwhile, back in London…  June 30, 2016

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Yet further indication that the concerns of this island were low low low on the list of priorities of those in the Tories. Theresa May (who by the way is hardly much better than Gove and/or Johnson)… 

Q: What would you do about the border with Ireland?

May says there is a common travel area in Ireland. The government is speaking to the Irish government about this.

That’s not an answer. That’s a description of the status quo ante.

One slightly better answer.

Q: [From my colleague Rowena Mason] Are you still committed to pulling out of the European convention on human rights?

May says she set our her views on this in a speech. But there is no parliamentary majority for leaving the ECHR, and so she will not be pursuing it.



1. gendjinn - July 1, 2016

Isn’t it always problematical when the head of the secret police becomes premiere?


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