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A few words on the #Brexit Campaign July 1, 2016

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One of the things about the UK is that there is no arguement over the plural or Referendum ..is it Referenda or Referendums. Mainly because they aren’t really used to them. …… whilst we are.
The various European Treaty Referendums here have thrown up all sorts of reasons to oppose them including Neutrality, European Armies, Conscription, Divorce, Abortion, Destroying our Christian Heritage, CAP, Vetos, Austerity, Vat and Structural Funds. Although Nice 1 and Lisbon 1 were defeated turnouts were relatively low.
What struck me about the Brexit Referendum was that the arguments put forward by the Leave side were ones that have been used in British politics for years. You had an excellent slogan in “Take Back Control” along with various History lessons regarding the Magna Carta and How great the United Kingdom was pre joining the EEC and then these main four points….
In the above there were no surprises, nothing new, just a rehash of stuff produced for years by the Tories themselves. … and you can see how they could easily convince people . That’s whats incredible that rather than tackle the points above , the Remain campaign and others wishing to stay in the EU assumed it was The Scottish Independence Referendum over again and just went with an economic message. A bit like Fine Gaels ‘Keep The Recovery Going’…
Vote Leave also had some interesting Campaigns like the 50million.uk site

50million.uk, a competition to win £50 million – the amount of money we hand over to the EU every single day. All you have to do is predict the result of each game of the European Football Championships this summer.

Every day we spend at least £50 million on the EU – that’s £350 million a week, enough to build a brand new NHS hospital. After we Vote Leave, we can spend this money on our priorities.

On the Remain side a lot of the material was personal attacks on Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage…..
Then material like this about how beneficial the EU was to the UK.

Amazingly this was the main Vote Remain communication
Yes a leaflet mainly quoting ‘Experts’ and Celebrities with Martin Lewis (a financial journalist that I had to look up to see who he was) saying “On the balance of probability, it is more likely …..” …. Not exactly convincing when its opposing the seeming certainty of “Take Back Control”.

*Thanks to the person who sent these leaflets on rather than rip them to shreds!


1. Jim Monaghan - July 1, 2016

I see Bernadette voted Remain. Especially influenced by teh migrant issue. http://www.irishtimes.com/news/world/uk/brexit-campaign-in-north-played-on-racism-and-emotions-1.2706039


WorldbyStorm - July 1, 2016

Saw that too,interesting


2. roddy - July 1, 2016

McCann has been unusually quiet on the result,.Apart from a half hearted defence of his position in a short statement in the “Irish News” ,I have seen nothing from him elsewhere.Apparently his prodigy Carroll is getting it in the neck from the “enthusiastic young people” the media claim were such an important part of his electorate.When Bernadette highlights Brexit as racist and her being McCanns election agent,it says it all.


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