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How they lost the referendum… July 1, 2016

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Good piece here on politico.eu. The Tory Remainers are described as seasoned, who decided to follow the Scottish independence referendum.

One aspect that in all the news and events of the last few days has been perhaps under-remarked is the murder of Labour MP and Remain campaigner Jo Cox.

The killing stopped the campaign in its tracks, when Brexit appeared to be gaining momentum in the polls. Some believed Cox’s killing would change the course of the entire referendum. Yet while shocking, the shooting appears to have had little impact on the final result.


1. dublinstreams - July 1, 2016

arn’t governments always lax on referendums, and the UK gov don’t have as much restrictions our gov does Michael Martin I think said he went over to England and was surprised at the lack of campaigning last year.


2. Joe - July 1, 2016

Yep. I was sure the murder of Jo Cox would be a turning point and would swing it for Remain. Any way of knowing if it did swing it towards Remain but not enough? That is, did some voters (and how many?) go from Leave to Remain because of her murder?


3. dublinstreams - July 1, 2016

“Corbyn to make a public gesture of cross-party unity by appearing in public with the prime minister. Polling showed this would be the “number one” play to reach Labour voters.” really? would this increase the solid Labour Remain turnout, rather then convince the Labour brexitor?


4. dublinstreams - July 1, 2016

Corbyn getting criticism for his general pro-immigration stance (but it seems the Torys chose to focus on economy too), http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-36633238 but what kind of stance do his Labour critics want him to take? Miliband did talk a bit about controlling migration, didn’t work for him.


Pasionario - July 1, 2016

He’s getting criticized for not being passionate about the EU AND for defending one of the EU’s four freedoms. You can’t have it both way there chaps.


WorldbyStorm - July 1, 2016

That’s what is so irritating about this process. He literally cannot satisfy his opponents even when he is doing what they want.


WorldbyStorm - July 1, 2016

And meanwhile rather than letting matters take their course, either a win or a lose at the next election under Corbyn those opponents are guaranteeing Labour out of power for a decade.


dublinstreams - July 2, 2016

i never expected Corbyn to last till the next election, corbyn has been quite clear on immigration but it might be true they didn’t put it on their leaflets and tackle the myths and mistaken anger at immigrants rather then the establishment, meanwhile this is just ridicolous https://www.politicshome.com/news/uk/political-parties/labour-party/news/76784/labour-mp-ruth-smeeth-says-party-not-safe-place you now can’t accuse a politician of colluding with the media ? total OTT reaction from Smeeth


Ed - July 2, 2016

I don’t think it’s OTT to be honest, it’s very calculated. Smeeth previously worked for BICOM, a pro-Israel lobbying group, and those activists have internalized the Israeli army’s mantra of ‘crying while shooting’. Their favourite tactic is to burst into tears and demand ‘why are you being so HORRIBLE to us we feel UNSAFE’ while they jump up and down on people’s heads. A really nasty, thuggish, unsavoury bunhc.


gendjinn - July 2, 2016

Which screams loudly that the critics are false in their criticisms and the real agenda is for Corbyn to go. Delighted he told them to talk a long walk off a short pier.


5. lamentreat - July 1, 2016

Interesting, well-informed piece, but this use of “conspiracy” is beyond infuriating, shows real political infantiliism on the part of the author: “[Corbyn had] in the past attacked the EU as an undemocratic, corporatist conspiracy that threatened workers’ rights.”


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