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That flight… it took how many minutes?  July 2, 2016

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How is Clint Eastwood going to pad out a film about US Airways Flight 1549, the ‘Miracle on the Hudson’? 

I’m only being slightly facetious. The time from take off to impact with geese was three minutes. The time from impact to landing was also all of three minutes. Six minutes in total.

As Matthew Dessem on Slate.com notes:

….which leaves a lot of time for the film to fill—it looks like Eastwood will be filling it with the aftermath: Sullenberger’s PTSD symptoms and the subsequent FAA investigation into the crash.

Oddly, I mentioned this in passing a month or so back, when discussing the excellent Fly By Wire by William Langewiesche. It’s not a book, more an extended article and very interesting too. But there’s already been a number of efforts to engage visually with the incident – and I wouldn’t take anything away from the crew who did brilliantly. It is, for all that, a fascinating tale.


1. EWI - July 2, 2016

Tom Hanks’ involvement gives some hope that (good trade unionist) Sullenberger’s later testimony to Congress gets in, as the big moment of the movie.


2. gendjinn - July 2, 2016

You should look up Han Solo’s brush with catastrophe on take off in his private prop a few years back. Lucky to talk away at all, even with just a broken leg (IIRC).


3. CMK - July 2, 2016

The should get at least twenty minutes out of the rescue. I wouldn’t think Sullenberger’s testimony on working conditions in the industry will get a look in.


4. Gearóid - July 2, 2016

The incident has already been the inspiration for a fictionalised film (which I haven’t seen so not sure how good it is). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xnVNNR6CEOE


5. Michael Carley - July 2, 2016
WorldbyStorm - July 2, 2016

One of my favourite books of recent years, +1


Michael Carley - July 3, 2016

Just read it yesterday: perfect combination of ‘literary’ writing, technical accuracy, and explaining exactly why people love to fly.

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