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Of (nearly) like minds – North South, Northwest…  July 4, 2016

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Fascinating to see the initial reports from today’s British Irish Parliamentary Assembly. That august body pulls together parliamentarians from 

…the Dáil and Seanad, along with representatives from the UK Parliament, the Scottish Parliament, the Welsh Assembly, the Northern Ireland Assembly, the High Court of Tynwald (Isle of Man) and the States of Guernsey and Jersey.

And, reading between the line, considerable concern over the reimposition of a ‘hard border’ on this island. It’s some day when:

The former Ulster Unionist Party deputy leader, John Taylor (now Lord Kilclooney) told the Assembly the referendum should not be rerun.

“It was a UK referendum and it is over and we must now implement the decision.”

He continued: “The most vital thing we must ensure is that there is no hard border between the Republic of Ireland and the UK.”

Or Reg Empey:

“Let us move on. Let us protect the relationships between the islands but also within this island,” he said.

Though some nonsense talked about the Commonwealth, and those suggesting the ROI should join. Is Paul Bew serious when he says:

…that there was no doubt in his mind that the Commonwealth would be an institution that would bring more power to Ireland.

Really? Is he sure of that?

And matters constitutional – UK-wise, not far from the surface:

William Duffy, a member of the Scottish Parliament, said the referendum had changed the status of Scotland and a second referendum on independence was a distinct possibility.


1. EWI - July 4, 2016

‘Lord’ Bew is entirely serious. The war may be over, but the long struggle goes on. I see that one of the poppy-wearing set in FG, a senator no less right now, has also come out with this codology.

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benmadigan - July 4, 2016

wonder how much of the commonwealth will remain once England has gone brexit, scotland’s independent and ireland’s re-united in maybe all but name? Australia and Canada are already feeling restless.


2. sonofstan - July 4, 2016

The UK exports more to ireland than it does to the whole commonwealth. They should join us.

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3. Joe - July 4, 2016

Does Éamon Ó Cuív still think it’s something worth exploring?


WorldbyStorm - July 4, 2016

Probably not!


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