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Predictable July 5, 2016

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Uncategorized.

…that Joe O’Toole would resign as chair of the independent commission on water charges. Curious that he felt it appropriate to ‘express support for the principle of paying for water’ publicly or indeed not realise that he must approach the process without preconceptions, including his own.




1. Ivorthorne - July 5, 2016

The silly bugger let his inner monologue out.

No greater sin.

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2. Alibaba - July 5, 2016

I take it for granted that the Commission chair O’Toole will think it, but to say it is astonishing. And then go on record in an interview with the Irish Examiner saying that the AAA-PBP were “completely and utterly wrong” on the issue of water charges. Cue the weasely words of Fianna Fáil who “takes no pleasure” in O’Toole’s resignation. Some good news for us at last, the clown isn’t laughing any more.


WorldbyStorm - July 5, 2016

It’s astounding the comment about AAA-PBP. Just… head slapping stuff.


3. dublinstreams - July 5, 2016

it was this “a solution that will have enough sugar on it to make the medicine go down easily.” … the canny future leaders choice

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4. 1798Mike - July 5, 2016

I don’t think it’s curious at all WBS that Joe O’Toole would express his support for water charges or attack protestors. He is a ‘pillar’ of the establishment, a veteran time server on State boards, a former prince of the dominant SIPTU-IMPACT-INTO clique that controls the so-called Irish Congress of Trade Unions, as well as the sort of professional spoofer and windbag beloved by the Marian Finucane radio programme on RTE.
Rant over. Now I feel better!


WorldbyStorm - July 5, 2016

I agree 100%, and I should have been clearer, so apologies, it’s more that he allowed a glimpse behind the curtain in terms of those beliefs. That was struck me as odd, usually in these cases there’s more discipline holding to the establishment line of ‘neutral’ etc…


5. Seedot - July 5, 2016

Doesn’t Joe have a track record in public saying what many are thinking, to the detriment of his own cause. I doubt if I had been paying dues to fund his wages as he characterised benchmarking as an ATM I would have been happy with his outspokenness.

I also think his statements are a disgraceful reflection of where that siptu-impact-into clique were when in private, if no-one is surprised.


WorldbyStorm - July 5, 2016

Very true.


6. Ed - July 5, 2016

This is just brilliant, isn’t it? They’re desperately trying to hold the line and mount some kind of fightback over water charges after the gloom of early May when they had almost thrown in the towel. But it hasn’t been going well. First the European Commission fluffed its lines when there was a question from Lynn Boylan and had to be prompted to get its answer right second time around. Now O’Toole has already cast a pall over the ‘independent’ commission before it’s got off the ground. The whole FG–FF ‘not really a government, not really an opposition’ deal is going to require a fair bit of subtlety and fancy footwork over the next few years if it’s going to work, especially if there are any economic storm clouds. I hope there’s plenty more oafs like O’Toole ready to put their foot in it.


lcox - July 5, 2016

Amazing really that they haven’t the mother wit to beat a retreat on water charges and just kick the can down the road for the next 2 years until it becomes someone else’s problem.


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