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Reactionary… July 5, 2016

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From the Guardian:

Adam Bienkov at politics.co.uk says that in 2012 [Tory leadership candidate] Andrea Leadsom proposed excluding firms with three employees or fewer from employment regulations.



1. EWI - July 5, 2016

Of course, later to be extended to five, ten, then whatever. The calculated paring-back of social democracy goes on. But we mustn’t have unions or strikes, because that wouldcause disruption to business.

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2. sonofstan - July 5, 2016

May wins first round convincingly. But…….the last three elected Tory leaders (Howard was unopposed) all came second in the first round.


crocodileshoes - July 5, 2016

Yes. Rees-Mogg predicting May’s lead will be overturned by ordinary members. ( btw one deplored bullying, of course, but Rees-Mogg must have had a hard time at school)


sonofstan - July 5, 2016

Possibility of team May ‘lending’ votes to Gove to get him in second and on the ballot to go to membership?


WorldbyStorm - July 5, 2016

You betcha! Or would the deal be with Leadsome?


FergusD - July 6, 2016

On C4 News Rees-Mogg was asked whether his nanny went on the Brexit campaign trail with him! Serious question – she does (according to Wikipedia):

“At the 1997 general election, Rees-Mogg was the Tory candidate for the solidly Labour seat of Central Fife and attracted ridicule after canvassing a largely working-class neighbourhood with his nanny;[6]”.


3. benmadigan - July 6, 2016

The same sort of law is in place in Italy – firms with under 15 employees don’t need a “just cause” to sack.
Those with 3 or fewer employees can sack because of boss-staff or inter-staff “personality/character incompatibilities”


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