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Signs of dissent in FG July 7, 2016

Posted by irishelectionliterature in Irish Politics.

Some signs of dissent in Fine Gael over Enda Kennys leadership as Brendan Griffin put it….

“Everyone else is talking about it,” said a deputy of the leadership. “The public is asking us when he is going, the membership are asking. The only place it is not being talked about is in the party room.”

The appointment of James Reilly as Deputy leader is a strange one, although maybe Kenny didn’t want to anoint (damn) one of his potential successors with the role. There must also be a sense of betrayal that The Taoiseach is bowing to the Independents in allowing them to vote for Mick Wallaces bill yet Lucinda et al were forced overboard from the X-Case legislation.

The more we see of ‘New Politics’ in action the weaker this government gets. ………………….. From what I’ve seen so far ‘New Politics’ is this….
SF raise something
FF disagree
FF then raise something similar to SF but it somehow ends up as a fudge to allow FG to agree with it.
FG bring something up
FF disagree
FF then raise something similar to FG but it somehow ends up as a fudge to allow SF to disagree with it
Nothing really gets done


1. Dermot O Connor - July 7, 2016

With that new Irish Times poll showing FF surging ahead, expect Enda’s days to be numbered, surely?

Though the adage about forks and raining soup springs to mind.


gendjinn - July 7, 2016

The GE16 FG losses predominantly hit Kenny’s enemies, leaving him with a small but solid majority of TDs. Until something happens to threaten Kenny’s base re-election prospects no one is getting anywhere.


gendjinn - July 8, 2016

Embattled Enda Exits in Spring

Shows what I know.


2. Jim Monaghan - July 7, 2016

Can I invent a new word or phrase?
“Doing a Naughton”.
Explanation. Find a pretext to leave the party. Eg closure of hospital, school, garda station. potholes, need for new airport, fishing restrictions, the list is endless. Get loads of publicity. Top the poll next time out. Become a minister (added enjoyment in seeing your other backbench colleagues and rivals gnash their teeth. Get lots of goodies for your constituency. ( and the goodies don’t have to be of any longterm importance.)And the seat is safe at least for your lifetime of not a few more.

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Joe - July 7, 2016

FG acquaintance of mine reckons Naughton will be back in the party once Kenny goes. And thinks Naughton has leadership ambitions and potential!


3. Gewerkschaftler - July 7, 2016

Brilliant description of the political algorithm there IEL.

Ideal really – the point of TINA government where all the real issues have been decided by things like the Fiscal Compact – is to do just that. Nothing.


irishelectionliterature - July 7, 2016

Nothing can or will be done under the current regime, everything seems to have been kicked to a comission. It really is unsatisfactory and with Kenny at the helm it’s just drifting along, the trappings of office but with little or no power. The reality is that FG are crap at ‘politics’ and don’t have the same political ruthlessness that FF have. A leadership change will help FG but …. they will still be FG.


4. gendjinn - July 7, 2016

Kavanagh’s model:
* FF +9% 44->69
* FG -2% goes from 50 -> 41
* SF +2% is 23->23
* IND/OTH 19/15 -> 19/5 (left or right inds or both?)
* LAB 1

FYI out of Adrian Kavanagh’s top ten near misses/target list for SF seven would flip FG to SF, which they would on these figures. Except it appears a resurgent FF sweeps all before it? Winning all of the seats lost by FG/IND/OTH/LAB while SF win none? Seems a bit optimistic but a +9% swing is pretty big.


Dermot O Connor - July 7, 2016

God, that’s depressing. But his amended seat estimate might be nearer the mark (though I suspect this is a rogue poll, it’s just so far off the others). Though a constant is Labour slowly dying.

Fianna Fail 59
Fine Gael 45
Sinn Fein 26
Social Democrats 3
Green Party 2
Labour Party 2
Independents 18


WorldbyStorm - July 7, 2016

Isn’t part of the explanation that transfers, 2 and 3rd preferences would propel FFers forward and those transfers dried up over the last seven years but presumably are now coming back?


gendjinn - July 7, 2016

Is there some way to disenfranchise FF/FG voters? /s

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gendjinn - July 7, 2016

Still stomach churning. About as bad as when people turned to FG in 2011.

In light of this I for one will be welcoming our alien overlords/saviours.


5. dublinstreams - July 7, 2016

whats bizarre is Michael Darcy TD on RTE DriveTime repeated the myth the Reilly heard about losing the deputy leader job from his wife, as an example of Enda Kenny’s bad management but if you read the article I presume he is basing this on and ignore headline the Kenny did tell Reilly personally that the job had lapsed http://www.independent.ie/regionals/fingalindependent/news/reilly-reaction-to-kenny-treatment-34816755.html


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