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Interpreting Brexit July 8, 2016

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I really like this quote from a letter to the CPGB PCC about Brexit:

In 1972 Tom Nairn wrote: “to be in favour of Europe … does not imply surrender to or alliance with the left’s enemies. It means exactly the opposite. It signifies recognising and meeting them as enemies for what they are, upon the terrain of reality and the future” (my emphasis, ‘The left against Europe?’ New Left Review No75).

Meanwhile, here’s an interesting overview of the referendum result from the same source. I have to admit I found the CPGB for all its curiosities one of the most level headed and measured of all those analysing the issue before during and after. And one of the most realistic in terms of the outcome.



1. Paddy Healy - July 10, 2016

Inter-Imperialist Conflict Developing-It gave rise to 2 world wars but then as now nobody noticed (or pretended they didn’t notice) until it was upon us!
Prof David Farrel-The Week In Politics
Risk of new European banking crisis as ‘kick and hope’ strategy runs out of road
Prof Colm McCarthy Sunday Independent 10/07/2016

Ireland North or South has no sovereignty to deal with imperialist-imposed austerity and future deadly dangers
Yet Sinn Féin, Tony Coughlan, AAA-PBP are taking sides on whether Imperialist UK should leave imperialist EU

It is Time to Concentrate on the issue of Irish Sovereignty


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