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In praise of… FNAC July 9, 2016

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Mentioned by Sonofstan recently this is a store I love. it’s kind of like Eason’s, to my mind, but writ larger. Intriguingly the founders were from the Socialist Youth and according to their wiki pages antifascist and Trotskyist. Though both left the company in the 1980s there’s something of their modernist vision left. It’s quite a store. I’ve been to the Spanish outlets and one in Paris and it’s just a great place to while away hours.

Does anyone have any sense of what sort of a company it is now in terms of current ownership structures?


1. Jim Monaghan - July 9, 2016

I liked this “la librairie La Joie de Lire.” http://www.aplusduntitre.org/Site_EDITIONS_VERSION_OK/La_librairie.html I gather it went broke because so-called leftists just stole the books and teh shop assistants being good leftists did not try and stop them. Maspero was close to the LCR now NPA


2. Jp - July 10, 2016

It’s part of Kering, the vast luxury goods empire of billionaire François Pinault.

My affection for FNAC is that they were the money behind Laurent Garnier’s F Com label


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