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Space Station Five: Films about space stations and films on the International Space Station July 9, 2016

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I was thinking the other day what films depicted the ISS, well, there’s three instances on this list, and presumably many more. Mir too gets quite a look in – immediately placing films in their time.

I still think Space Station Five from 2001 is one of the best, not least because it has an unfinished quality to it. Of course, massively – overly – ambitious that it would have been lofted into orbit (or constructed there) by 2001. But… hey.

Meanwhile, on the actual ISS what do they watch? And how do they watch it?

Odd to see Gravity on the list, as the linked article notes. Not a film I’d want to watch in orbit.

And I think I’ve mentioned this before, one has to presume this song was a tribute to…er… Space Station 5 too.


1. Damon Matthew Wise Âû - July 9, 2016

Does anyone know that Region Encoding for DVD’s have a setting for locations in space, that will not work on a Geographical location on the planet, which requires to be outside near earth orbit. Wonder who creates the content for DVD’s that work in outer space?


2. oldpoet56 - July 9, 2016
3. Dermot O Connor - July 9, 2016

Space Station 76 was some light fun.

A British version of that would be waaaaay darker! I’d love to see a Brit version that channels that 70s UK occult / anarchic vibe (quatermass, survivors, blakes 7, children of stones, etc).


gendjinn - July 9, 2016

Yeah, it really snuck under the radar alright. It’s a bit of a gem, deliciously skewering.

The Expanse tv series based on the JSA Corey books touches on a lot of the harsh realities of space station living.


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