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And with one bound she was leader July 11, 2016

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…of the Tories 😦 I’ve noted it before, if I have one constant in my political life across decades it is a detestation of that party. I have no optimism as to a May-led leadership, any more than all the rest. One can, I suppose, admire the fact she achieved that leadership as all about and ahead of her imploded (Gove’s overly ambitious though all too obvious grasping for the top I will treasure for many years to come I suspect, Leadsmen’s loathsome comments about women without children I will not). One can, I won’t.

A fortnight since the referendum and the dust still hasn’t cleared. Maybe it never will.


1. sonofstan - July 11, 2016

You know, I wouldn’t be shocked if, 20 years from now, when the players are all ensconced in the Lords, we find out the drama of the last few weeks was all staged.

Boris and Gove wake up on the morning of the 24th appalled; the plan was to run close enough so that Cameron would go soon, but not to actually ‘win’. Neither of them have a clue how to implement this nonsense. So they hatch a plan……. Michael knocks Boris out if the race, then, to ensure he doesn’t accidentally end up on the ballot, Boris whispers to Leadsom that she should go for it, happy that there are members of the parliamentary party dumb enough to go for her, but also sure she’ll self destruct, and if she doesn’t, they can bend a few ears……

May gets elected, is a competent but unexciting John major- alike, and, by 2020, when she’ll be 64, Boris returns from his wilderness years, slightly thinner, less bumptious, having written a big serious book that no one reads, but ends up in every Home Counties Oxfam a few months later….

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2. roddy - July 11, 2016

I think the public school thing amplifies my detestation of them.Cameron telling Corbyn “for heavens sake man go!” led to one journalist (Kevin Maguire) saying ” Cameron just can’t help reverting to “Flashman” mode!

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3. John Connor - July 11, 2016

Sonofstan could well be right.

I remember reading somewhere about “the men in tweed” on the Tory backbenches being the most ruthless killers in history!

The boys (and I’m sure they are all boys) in tweed may have been at their work this last couple of weeks.

There is a definite sense of the adults being sent in to tidy up the front room after the kids have made a mess.

But the main problems are still there for the UK – how to get a deal that gives single market access, protects the City (the only industry the UK seems to care about), and yet restricts or even ends EU migration.

I just don’t see how this circle can be squared – someone is going to be very upset.

I’m betting that the Brits will go for some version of the Norwegian deal as an “interim” step along with a fully repackaged, all shining version of the deal Cameron got on migration.

Theresa May could well have to fall on her sword in a couple of years time when the dust clears as Sonofstan suggests. The Tories are so cynical, I would not be surprised if this hasn’t been thought of.

Great that Enda is off to Germany to get his instructions though – probably means that the fix is in as the Yanks say.



4. WorldbyStorm - July 11, 2016

I agree 100% re the following:

I just don’t see how this circle can be squared – someone is going to be very upset.


5. Liberius - July 11, 2016

Anyone seen the clip of Angela Eagle casting around for questions from journos who’d buggered off to cover the leadsom withdrawl and May coronation? Amusing stuff and exactly what the procrastinating git deserved.


sonofstan - July 11, 2016

We’re at the ’10 minutes is a long time in politics’ stage. You try to pick your moment….


CMK - July 11, 2016

Seeing rumours on FB that the Labour NEC will vote by secret ballot tomorrow on the question of whether Corbyn needs to get backing from MPs.

If true, that’s likely the end of Corbyn. That clip, in all its grotesqueness could well be of the future Labour leader.

The interesting question is what happens to all those hundreds of thousands who joined the LP if Corbyn is deposed tomorrow?


Dermot O Connor - July 12, 2016

Take a look @ Eagle’s FB page. Thousands of







not ONE for her.


Pasionario - July 12, 2016

Because Labour needs an electable leader….


6. Gewerkschaftler - July 12, 2016

As far as I can tell the developing Tory plan – insofar as there is a plan – is to keep triggering Article 50 off for as long as possible. Legal challenges may help this goal.

Parallel an EFTA entry talks may begin – attempting to achieve something like Switzerland – which has severe problems enforcing it’s anti-immigration referendum decision against the EU.

It depends on to what extent the rest of the EU is willing to play ball on the delay. France will do it’s best to prevent delay, while Germany’s only objective is that the EU shouldn’t become an issue in the national elections in 2017 which may damage the CDU/CSU.

Semi- or pre-Brexit may well become the new normal, depending to what extent capital retreats from Little Britain.


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