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Enda times July 11, 2016

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I’ve got to admit I’m a bit surprised at how rapidly the rhetoric in regard to the departure of Enda Kenny from the political scene has been growing. Over the weekend there were various reports, including in the SBP, pointing to a general understanding amongst TDs and Ministers that he would step down soon after the negotiations for government were complete. I find that hard to credit, or rather if that was the line, hard to credit that anyone actually believed it, for if Kenny has one central dynamic it does appear to be a ferocious tenacity in retaining his current office. The IT reported yesterday that:

A growing number of Fine Gael TDs believe Enda Kenny should stand down as party leader within weeks.
Some backbench TDs are considering whether they will table motions on his leadership of the party and the country as early as next week.

But… for this is far from a done deal:

However, the consensus is there is unlikely to be an organised heave against the Taoiseach in the short-term, although this is being discussed by a small group of TDs.

And given we’re two weeks, or actually a week and a half from the Summer recess of the Dáil, I’d put money on everything being long fingered. Yet that rhetoric isn’t coming from nowhere. Oddly enough I’d tend to agree with Leo Varadkar’s analysis when he notes that:

…he did not agree with chief whip Regina Doherty that the Taoiseach should set out a timetable for his departure.
He described such a view as “unhelpful” as it had led to a power vacuum in other countries where leaders had stepped down in similar circumstances.

It has indeed, though coming from the media ‘favourite’ to win the FG leadership no doubt there’s a self-serving element to that as well.

But there’s no question that matters are shifting. The polls certainly are, and whatever value we assign to them, the fact is that decisions will be made off the back of them, particularly if they demonstrate increasing strength for FF, or FG.


1. Gerryboy - July 11, 2016

Politicians should pay more attention to policy implementation than to polls. Political activists should pay more attention to persuading people about policies than to polls. The general public should pay more attention to how policies affect their living standards than to polls. The expensive, time consuming and influential polling industry is a distraction from political thought by journalists and voters.


2. deiseach - July 11, 2016

That poll showing FF on 33% has been a proper tiger among the flamingos, hasn’t it? I’ve been thinking that it was a mistake by them to keep their hands off the levers of power, by which I mean the levers of the various parish pumps. Now it’s beginning to look like saddling the independents with the burden of government is looking like a stroke of genius on Martin’s part. I’d say it was all in a state of flux – if it were not for events in the UK showing us what flux really looks like!


3. gendjinn - July 11, 2016

Ye knew it was a small group when ye heard “a growing number”.

This whole Enda is going lark is beginning to look like a Varadkar-for-leader move by Varadkar’s minority in the govt.

Be interesting to see if Enda has the capital to make an example of one of them. If he doesn’t they’ll keep briefing against him.

Just great! A long running, ineffectual and potentially poisonous FG leadership campaign while Brexit is triggered. Thanks lads.


4. sonofstan - July 11, 2016

The tone in the IT is an echo of the Guardian regarding Corbyn, albeit less overtly campaigning. Enough stories about ‘grassroots unease’ and heave ho! off he goes.

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benmadigan - July 11, 2016

was about to say the same thing SoS


5. ThorsHammer&Sickle - July 11, 2016

If he goes will their be another election? If there is another election will Fine Gael be overtaken?

It seems unwise for FG in the short term to oust him.


sonofstan - July 11, 2016

FG have never replaced a leader while in ‘power’ have they?


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