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Since we’re discussing Tories July 11, 2016

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…I’m still amazed even after the Gove/Johnson split – though I shouldn’t be – at the reports of how supposedly thwarted ambition played its part in the events of the last two weeks. Take as another example this:

Leadsom launched her bid to win the premiership after she felt Johnson had reneged on a deal to state publicly that she would have one of the “top three” cabinet positions if he became PM.

“No tweet, no letter,” she reportedly told him in an angry text two weeks ago. “Clearly you don’t want to go ahead on the basis we agreed. I’ve submitted my nomination papers.”

And what of this?

Her campaign was quickly undermined by a series of blunders reflecting her inexperience at Westminster, having only joined parliament in 2010. First came a row over her CV when questions were raised about her integrity. …
There was an awkward “Rally4Leadsom” march when a small gaggle of supportive MPs walked towards parliament chanting: “What do we want? Leadsom for leader! When do we want it? Now!” …
But the tipping point came in an interview about how her status as a mother of three children gave her “a very real stake” in Britain’s future, a move that appalled many who felt it was an attempt to highlight May’s childlessness.

‘Inexperience at Westminster’? Surely it’s a bit more than that?

What a bunch.


1. Mick Fealty - July 11, 2016

Two words: City donors. That resignation speech was the script she rejected last week. One hot weekend later, she signed the contract!

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2. benmadigan - July 12, 2016

Guess who was one of the leaders of the “Rally4Leadsom” march? None other than NI’s secretary of state!!
And guess who produced a video supporting Leadsom? None other than Britain First. It’s on Youtube but I won’t supply the link


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