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All-island logistics… July 12, 2016

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Neat little irony pointed to by Michael McDowell in the SBP at the weekend.

Oddly, under the EU treaties, British members of the European Parliament will be still entitled to vote to approve any agreement, even though the British government is excluded from Council meetings’ deliberations on it.

One can just see Farage turning up to that particular vote.

He’s still remarkably sanguine about the border, though not so much about the broader picture:

For Ireland, Brexit involves huge complications and implications.

Not merely will Irish exporters face a currency cliff fi the present 10% devaluation in sterling persists or worsens after any ending runs out; unless there is a comprehensives grew trade agreement between the EU and the UK, there will also be some form of tariff wall or walls.

Keeping the border invisible and ‘soft’ will be achieved – if only because a hard border is an existential threat to both parts of this island.

How would that be achieved? He argues:

A lot of our exports cross to Britain by sea and land, either destined for Britain or for the rest of the EU. Will containers have to be sealed seperately? Freight logistics will be immensely more complex in future.

And up go the costs.

Meanwhile, just on another, not unrelated issue, he makes a good point too here:

Some might think the ‘new politics’ are nothing more than the dying days of the old politics.

Though I wonder about the dying days. No one would suggest the old approach was in rude good health, but the last few polls seem to suggest a swing back to the largest parties.


1. Gewerkschaftler - July 12, 2016

Tarif walls and a soft border. Sounds like a smugglers paradise.


2. roddy - July 12, 2016

South Armagh says no!


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