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Independents Dazed July 13, 2016

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Pat Rabbitte is in political seventh heaven over the conduct of the Independent Alliance Ministers in government – or should that be the IA cohort. No matter. For him…

…it is not just that they have no experience of government, they have no experience of party discipline [I wonder how true that is, at least some of them come from a variety of party backgrounds, though granted not with direct personal experience of it at national level – wbs]. They have never had to answer to a whip or to a party leader or defend the citadel on an unpopular issue. They have a great deal of experience of mischief-making without responsibility. Every morning, independents test the way the wind is blowing before deciding what to disagree with for that day. If they took the exact opposite stance a year before, nobody notices.

Now, there’s some truth in part of that. The IA claim, by the way, that they expected Kenny to discuss the matter with them. His spokespeople claim that he expected them to contact him to discuss the matter. Who knows what is the spin in this instance.

But that said the key problematic aspect of independents is that they do not as such tend to have membership structures that can – as it were – shape their political approaches. Say what one likes about parties, but at least they do provide a broader pool of support, advice, input and legitimisation. And yet, and yet, I can’t help but feel that if the independents referred to above might represent one pole, then the opposite one is a near blind adherence to making and implementing ‘unpopular’ issues and hugging that as a badge of political honour.

Though it’s not difficult to sew this patchwork together into a cloth that leads inevitably to the problems Kenny is now facing in regard to his leadership. And I’d have to agree with him that:

If he goes within the year as now seems likely, although they may not know it yet, the Independent Alliance and new politics will quickly follow him.

It is difficult to see the house that Enda built surviving long under a new FG leadership. Though, as interesting, will be the degree of appetite and enthusiasm for FF to pick up the reins at such a critical juncture in the politics of this island. Nah, who am I fooling. Martin et al would love to be overseeing the processes this state has in relation to Brexit. End of the year? May well be much sooner. Much much sooner. Another couple of polls like the last one and they’ll be in there sooner than you can say ‘new politics’.


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