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Running mate July 14, 2016

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Who, who would want the job of being Donald Trump’s running mate? Actually probably quite a few. Even if he winds up as a no-hoper the publicity alone is worth a significant amount for future media and/or other appearances. And then there are those who are sincere, even if their politics, perhaps because their politics, is toxic. Presumptive Trump running-mate Mike Pence (a man whose wiki profile is probably today peaking as it has never peaked before in terms of numbers of views) has a fascinating range of views. I doubt anyone on the CLR will much like them. Any of them.

Just on the campaign I was listening to an interview with the Libertarian Party candidate – former Governor of New Mexico, Gary Johnson and a good-humoured character (though his political positions don’t bear too much scrutiny either) he appears to be. He’d want to be good-humoured. For all his talk of being in it to win he knows he hasn’t a hope. But then no doubt for him part of the exercise is bringing the good news about right libertarianism to a broader audience. Win win.


1. gendjinn - July 14, 2016

Samantha Bee did 2 segments on Johnson and the Libertarian Convention

And for what it’s worth Clinton & Trump tied going into conventions.


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