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Cross-border projects in trouble… July 15, 2016

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Speaking of the SPB, it noted that Brexit is putting immediate pressure on cross-border projects.

Flagship cross border projects, such as the Narrow Water Bridge… are all heavily dependent on funding from the EU. But with EU infrastructure funding in doubt following Brexit vote there is reluctance among other funders to commit only to the projects.

Other projects include the A5 dual-carriageway from Tyrone to Derry and the restoration of the Ulster Canal. More unintended consequence. It certainly underlines how panglossian Newton Emerson’s views last week were.


1. gendjinn - July 15, 2016

The reasons you outline are are, from Unionist perspectives, desirable outcomes.

Unionists are settler colonists, through and through. Their behaviour only makes sense in light of understanding that.


2. Joe - July 15, 2016

Don’t worry. Great paragraph in an IT report today from Pat Leahy – on emerging Irish govt strategy on influencing the EU re Brexit and this island: “However, the emerging Irish strategy is to stress the dangers to the peace process – something which resonates much more strongly in the EU than Ireland’s special commercial relationship with the UK.”

I’m just boggled by this – boggled, bemused and amused.
Remember John Bruton and the f**king peace process? Well John it turns out the f**cking peace process is of some use to us after all. You know that horrendous Loyalist paramilitary godfather ruse of sending out their underclass youths to riot and burn (over flags or marches or whatever) and then negotiating peace with the govt in exchange for more funding for their ‘community projects’ i.e. more shillings for them and their cronies? Well it turns out that our wonderful Irish government is an admirer of this clever ploy. Indeed if them bastards in the EU aren’t seeing sense wrt the effects of Brexit on us, sure we might turn a blind eye to a bombing or two so that we can go to Brussels and get them to cough up ‘for the Peace Process’.

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.


3. benmadigan - July 17, 2016

Dilemma for Unionists – which Union? Some questions (and few answers) that Scotland and Ireland should be asking about the UK’s “Brexit process”



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