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Fianna Fáil and their ‘voluntary’ ‘coalition’. July 15, 2016

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Some interesting thoughts in the SBP at the weekend over the nature of the current coalition here and FF’s part in it. Granted FF is outside the coalition, but it exists very much because of its willingness to allow it to exist.

FF would, of course, be much happier if Kenny remained on as FG leader. But in the meantime, it is content to wait.

Party leader Micheál Martin is conscious that now is not the time for the party to go to the polls.

There are the practical problems – most notably the selection of new candidates in constituencies where it could make further gains.

I think this is persuasive, but it’s not everything. This, by way of contrast, I think is perhaps more persuasive.

But the other factor is that FF has to be seen to give the minority government a chance. Pulling the plug too early could backfire, no matter what its rating in any opinion polls.

And in relation to any successor the attitude is that it doesn’t affect the agreement, though I wonder, what if the successor was popular (granted a difficult ask for FG). The attitude being:

“we won’t let any successor get too comfortable”


1. gendjinn - July 15, 2016

It’s going to get problematic when the official opposition is abstaining or voting with the govt day in and day out.

At that point the govt will have effectively taken control of the opposition and that seems to be on shaky ethical if not constitutional grounds.


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