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That science fiction franchise film opening this month… July 16, 2016

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Nope, not Independence Day, a film I like in parts, but the sequel of which I’m happy to leave to discounted DVD sales. No, instead, fascinating the way Star Trek Beyond, the latest addition to the Star Trek reboot series of films has been re-presented since its first fairly woeful trailer. ST fandom went wild and not with happiness when that arrived. Since then we’ve been treated to another one, or is it two, trailers in advance of the film which opens in this neck of the woods in the last week of July. They’re somewhat better.

I’ll go. Not so much because I’m hugely entranced by the reboot, I enjoyed the first one, found the second tedious and overlong and overloud and bitty, this one, who knows what it will be like. No, I’m going because the creature is now of an age to see such things. And frankly I’m curious as to whether this is appreciated more than Babylon 5 or Star Trek Voyager (or DS9 or STNG or other SF crossover shows, Agents of Shield and perhaps above all others Buffy) by the creature. Many of which have strong female leads, thoughtful plotting (B5 in particular – Voyager could be very hit and miss), wooden sets, acting etc…

All of which are good things. Whereas there’s something very – I was going to say male, but perhaps boyish is closer to the truth, about the ST reboot with more than one instance of faux (or is it?) sexism that kind of grates in the 2010s.

Perhaps the gag about the captain’s chair in the trailer points at a more even tone in that regard. We’ll see.


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