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Guest Irish Times Stupid Statement of the Week July 17, 2016

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Thanks to L O’R for the following;

Irish Times Magazine, 16 July 2016, page 40:
“The Secret Agent is based on the novel by James Conrad, and is set in 1886, long before James Bond or George Smiley were operating. Toby Jones plays Verloc, a Soho shopkeeper who, unbeknownst to his wife, works as an agent for the Soviet Union.”

Must be a time traveller then, as the Soviet Union was not set up before 1917!


1. damonmatthewwise - July 17, 2016

REALLY – wow a Soviet Union in 1917, BEFORE the abolition of the Imperial powers and purges! And here I thought there were a dozen reformist and revolutionary governments between 1917 and 1923 (leading to a funny series of Smirnoff adverts), when Imperial Russia was formerly removed, infavour of Soviet Russian Federation, and Stalin had Lenin and Trotsky assisinated before HE announced the Union of Socialist Soviet Republics and started annexing his neighbouring areas and countries in the 30’s, which led to significant of their populations joining the Axis alliance of states?

Sounds like Revisionist histry, likers ignores the facts that most Irish Republicans were of Ulster Protestant tradition until 100 years ago, or ignores the 1918 elections and First and only all Ireland Federal Constitution and the Parliamentary session at the Mansion House, before the civil war, resulting from a minority of original Sínn Fein (now Fianna Fail) and Liberal Unionists opting out.


EWI - July 17, 2016

Some mixed messaging at the IT there. The British Embassy ought to place a call and set them straight on the correct propaganda lines to use.

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2. John Goodwillie - July 17, 2016

An absurd reversal anyway of the original novel, in which Verloc is a Special Branch informant who has to manufacture evidence of anarchist activities in order to get his payments continued.

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3. dublinstreams - July 27, 2016

I thought you were talking about this statement “Jeremy Corbyn will be prime minister” http://www.irishtimes.com/opinion/jeremy-corbyn-will-win-labour-leadership-contest-and-be-prime-minister-1.2722258


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