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And she’s gone! July 19, 2016

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Well, speaking of spectacular, that was a spectacular waste of time. Angela Eagle has withdrawn from the LP leadership race. There’s something almost Johnson/Gove about all this.


1. gendjinn - July 19, 2016

Someone here made the point she was likely a stalking horse all along.

Yesterday the Blairdian was gossiping that Eagle/Smith were doing a poll of the Blairite MPs and rumours that whomever won would be the sole challenger to Corbyn. Didn’t pay it much heed given the smoke and anonymous sourcing.


WorldbyStorm - July 19, 2016

I hope they all repent at length over all this nonsense.


WorldbyStorm - July 19, 2016

And I also hope they are stuck in the LP. Maybe have some manners put on them.


gendjinn - July 19, 2016

Be interesting to see how it plays out.

The dirty deeds of Blairite HQ show the desperation, if not final gasp. The surge in membership since Corbyn ran, and the recent surge again, would suggest their days are numbered.

De-selections and Corbynites taking over the party infrastructure are the next likely step.

Which means those Blairite MPs have nothing to lose by jumping ship to the Lib Dems. Better to do it now before they are de-selected.

The Lib Labs has a great ring to it……


CMK - July 19, 2016

A Corbyn led split retaining the ‘Labour’ name of 40-60 MPs allied with the 58 SNP MPs in a tactical opposition ‘coalition’ could be formidable force. Someone made the point that a front bench that included Mhairi Black and one or two other SNP MPs could really put it up to the Tories.

Also, there is apparently, though I haven’t checked, a near perfect symmetry between the number of Labour MPs who voted to retain Trident but who also abstained from the recent welfare bill.

The Blairites are going nowhere fast. If there is a split I think considerably more that the 179 who voted no confidence in Corbyn will decide that they re better off sticking with the devil they know. So, a split led by Corbyn could probably outnumber any putative Blairites SDP Mark 2.

The SDP precedent is not encouraging. The working class in Britain is heading into further intense political polarisation and Lilly-livered Blairites are going to find the going tough over the coming years.


WorldbyStorm - July 20, 2016

That’s true, but in political terms it may be tricky. SNP is wedded to an independent Scotland and EU membership. Labour is antagonistic in the extreme to the first and the second is beyond its grasp. I think the SNP is looking beyond England now and indeed the Tories, other than a means to an end.

Also completely agree, any SDP II would be a minor thing. Most LP MPs will stick with the party.


gendjinn - July 20, 2016

I’d say you’re right CMK, depends on how serious the de-selection sentiment becomes. It may already be too late for those 179, or perhaps for those that vote for Smith this time out.

Don’t burst the party Owen!


Jolly Red Giant - July 20, 2016

Actually – do burst the party Owen – ride off into the sunset with every last one of them.

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2. oliverbohs - July 19, 2016

Smith will get nowhere, and a quick perusal of his Wiki page can attest to this.
And speaking of Wiki, it tells us that in 1983 the SDP/Liberal Alliance got 25% of the vote in the general election… and 23 seats


sonofstan - July 19, 2016

Apparently Ukip are gearing up for a major rebrand and assault on Labour’s northern strongholds. If, alongside that, there’s an SDP/ Liberal alliance Mark II, the unfairness of FPTP will start to glare even more – 4 parties splitting the vote more or less evenly could produce some wild imbalances, wild enough that even the British voter, wedded to tradition, might notice. The kippers arguing for something as foreign sounding as PR would be interesting…


3. CMK - July 19, 2016
4. FergusD - July 20, 2016

There are clearly many big shifts taking place in UK politics which the Blairites just don’t seem to realise at all. It does seem as though the centre cannot hold for a lot of people, yet this is the ground that the Blairites (and the sheeple Labour MPs that are herded by them) cling to, as it shrinks. Of course it isn’t really the centre, it is the not so nasty right. Mind you the Tories have encroached on the socially liberal, economically right wing area, squeezing both right-Labour and the LibDems. They really do seem to live in a bubble.


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