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Worker representatives on boards. July 20, 2016

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Just on the Observer business section, good point raised re the suggestion by Theresa May that employees should have as of a right representation on company boards.

As it notes:

In truth, May’s idea does not amount to a revolution. One employee director on a board will not change corporate culture overnight.

Still it’s not entirely pessimistic:

But it might turn the dial slightly. In an age when trust in business is so low, far-sighted firms should consider the advantages instead of instinctively throwing up obstacles. May should keep pressing.

Perhaps and perhaps she will. As a measure in itself it might be no harm. But we hardly need to be reminded that structural change requires structural change.


1. CMK - July 20, 2016

Were she be even posing such policies were if not for Corbyn leading the Labour Party? If Smith or Eagle or Benn or a Miliband were leading Labour there wouldn’t be a pip from the Tories about workers on boards. But, of course, all of that has to be put in the context of the Trade Union Bill and other draconian Tory attacks on workers in the UK.


2. Alibaba - July 20, 2016

I sense that worker representation on Boards is overrated. It’s an exercise in tokenism. Sometimes a tidy sum of money in the form of an allowance is given to the elected candidate(s). Attendance at dinners and photo opps are designed to keep them sweet too. Usually representatives are selected by the trade union bureaucrats. Should any radical one get through, no matter. All the important issues for Boards are buried in Sub Committees into which the workers are not invited to participate because of some arcane procedure.

I suppose you could take the view that it’s worthwhile having a representative, should they agree to resign and agitate if anything dodgy arises. Also, I remember a union member promising to devote the whole allowance to a charity if he was elected. The opportunist rival suffered a poor vote and much to the delight of many. I am aware that other leftist reps gave their allowances to their political outfits, but this was not known to those who elected them.


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