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A complex set of relationships on this island July 23, 2016

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Thanks to the friend of the CLR who sent this link from the NewsLetter.

A former DUP firebrand Assemblyman and Free Presbyterian minister has told how he wept when he heard that an IRA man had been shot dead by a paratrooper.

Writing in today’s News Letter, the Rev Ivan Foster recounts how when he was jailed with Ian Paisley half a century ago he struck up an unlikely relationship with Official IRA man Joe McCann.


1. sonofstan - July 23, 2016
2. roddy - July 24, 2016

A relative of Joe McCann stated a few years back that Joe was quite religous and belonged to the Clonard confraternity or some such group.


3. gendjinn - July 24, 2016

You’ve never heard racists talk about the exceptions they know, you know “the good ones”?


WorldbyStorm - July 24, 2016

Sure, though I’ll bet the religious aspect was key to Foster. That’s where the commonality came in.


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