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An analysis from a ‘remain’ position… July 25, 2016

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…deeply cynical, but perhaps not incorrect, where William Keegan writes in the Observer, in relation to the hypocrisies and contradictions that are evident in the Tory approach to the issue.

We seem to be in the absurd position where those of our leaders such as Theresa May, who were in the Remain camp, are saying “Brexit means Brexit” while the Brexit lot are trying to say, “Well, Brexit does not really mean Brexit. After all, we still want all the advantages of the club we have rejected.” And, of course, the shamelessly meretricious Nigel Farage continues to go to the European parliament to collect his dirty EU money.

And this, in particular, I think is spot on:

…what does Brexit mean?

Apparently, it means keeping all the hard-won advantages of the single market – largely a British initiative in the mid-1980s – while fooling those people whose prime concern was immigration that “something will be done”.

Seeing the Tories squirm as they try to square that circle will be entertaining. But for workers both in the UK, this island and further abroad, perhaps not quite so much.


1. oglach - July 25, 2016

Succinct. Many thanks.


WorldbyStorm - July 25, 2016

I like Keegan, he’s traditional labour (UK) and been very complimentary of McDonnell.

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