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EU expansion July 26, 2016

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Tom McGurk writes in the SBP that Turkish accession to the EU must be a ‘generation away’ following the coup. What is odd about this is that that was pretty much the consensus well before the coup. Indeed it would be difficult to see any real prospects of Turkey joining the EU before the late 2020s at the earliest. The negotiations process is so slow, and entails so many issues that one would have to wonder if the words ‘if ever’ should be added.

As to further expansion elsewhere. Difficult to believe that Brexit hasn’t dealt that a very short sharp shock.


1. gendjinn - July 26, 2016

The Germans vetoed Turkey’s accession in the early 90s. Everything since has been Kabuki.


2. Joe - July 26, 2016

I recall the French president before Mitterand (what was his name again?) saying some years back that he wasn’t in favour of Turkey joining the EU. Because, he said, it was a Muslim country and thus not properly European because Europe is Christian.
It has been interesting to watch – more recently Turkey seems to have been happy to let the process slow down because its economy has been expanding very well, thank you very much, outside the EU, so why bother joining. Also, Greece joined and look what the EU did for them!


sonofstan - July 26, 2016

“because, he said, it was a Muslim country and thus not properly European because Europe is Christian”


sonofstan - July 26, 2016

Sorry, posted too soon. Where do they think xianity came from?


3. Dr. X - July 26, 2016

Joe, you’re thinking of Valery Giscard d’Estaing.

I believe there was a Tory minister under either Major or Thatcher in her later years, who, when asked if Turkey could join the Euro Union said; “they’re not, are they?” i.e. not European, that is.

Someone once told me that in Brussels some people behind the scenes looked forward to a mid-twenty-first century world in which the EU had become simply “the Union” and incorporated the Middle East and North Africa as well as Europe as a whole. Can’t say that’s likely to happen either.


4. Jim Monaghan - July 27, 2016

While Turkey was indeed interested in joining the EU, some modest steps on the Human Rights stuff were made. Now reversed, big time.



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