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Workers lives…a continuing series July 28, 2016

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Latest data on life expectancy for those who work at desks – boiled down, one hour of exercise per day is required to mitigate the negative effects of same, as noted in the Guardian.


Ekelund acknowledged that work pressures made taking lengthy breaks – the legal minimum in the UK is one 20-minute break – unrealistic for some.

Eklund argues that television viewing time might offer some time there for exercise and that’s okay as far as it goes but factor in travel times, overtime, etc and that legal minimum break…


1. CMK - July 28, 2016

One of the stupidest (among many) and most regressive things the Irish trade union bureaucrats ever agreed to was the increase in working hours for public sector workers under the Haddington Road Agreement. At a time when we see relatively successful experiments in Sweden on reducing the working week, the Irish trade unions fall for the fallacy that a longer working week will produce greater productivity. I know for instance that the extra working hours in nursing are really biting. A the ‘family friendly’ rhetoric is cancelled out when you force extra working hours.

Hundreds of thousands of Irish workers are travelling huge distances to get to and from work (even travelling from one side of Dublin to other at rush hour can be a trek). Demands for a shorter working week is an area where the Left can make real hay, I think. The trade union bureaucrats are too addled with concern for ‘the national interest’ to want to push this, and too cosy with the bosses and the state, but it is surely something that will resonate at a time when stress levels from commuting are rising all the time.


WorldbyStorm - July 28, 2016

Cuttingbreaks etc was indeed madness, and to no purpose – bar undermining standards in the PS that had some effect on the private sector, so I suppose win win for those wanting those outcomes. That the unions would be so shortsighted…


2. Jim Monaghan - July 28, 2016

It would have to be a pan EU or at least European movement, but a push for a maximum 30 hour week is needed. Alas, in France, the civilised 35 hour week is under more and more threat. When I was young, the 5 1/2 week was normal. Now, allied to this we should have a flexible week, annualised hours etc.
Alas, like decriminalising drugs, it needs to be done internationally. Whether we like it or not we live in a globalised world. (as retail workers in Dundalk face unemployment as shopping increases in Newry due to Brexit devaluation)
I would as well tie pensions and unemployment benefit together. I see merit in reducing the pension ager when there is so much youth unemployment. Better to have more people who have paid off their mortgages off retired than have young people bitter, with lost futures.
Of course, allied to this is the struggle against precarity, zero hour contracts etc.


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