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Muslim attitudes in the US and elsewhere… July 29, 2016

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Kind of find this well worth a look. It certainly shoots down the idea that Muslims are a particularly heterogenous lot. Attitudes to Sharia alone are very varied – and perhaps predictably in certain more authoritarian states there’s much greater adherence to them whereas – say – take Turkey, there’s only a minority in favour. Moreover one has to ask what flavour of Sharia.

Attachment to ISIS is very low. Attachment to the use of political violence is very low. And fears of Islamic extremism is high.

Even the importance of religion is a variable, though belief in God is very very strong.

Perceptions of Muslims? In the US they are regarded on a par with… atheists!

Check out characteristics associated with Westerners and Muslims by each other. Muslims see “Westerners” as being from their perspective more violent than Westerners see Muslims.


1. streamy - July 29, 2016

One thing that Im not agree with you nobody knows what isis are made of .


2. Dermot O Connor - July 29, 2016

QUOTE: Favorable views of ISIS are somewhat higher in Nigeria (14%) than most other nations. Among Nigerian Muslims, 20% say they see ISIS favorably (compared with 7% of Nigerian Christians). UNQUOTE

7% favorable approval for ISIS from Nigerian Christians! SEVEN %! WTF?

QUOTE: “Muslims see “Westerners” as being from their perspective more violent than Westerners see Muslims.” UNQUOTE

Historically this is an accurate perception. The wikipedia page on wars & genocides:


I took the middle estimates of each war, and sorted the body piles according to culture/civ. There is no comparison with the European record, both as Christian & secular. BTW, I noticed that the Algerian war is missing (so there’s another 1 million dead to be added – but as a European power was the prime mover, I’d add the corpses to the European/Western tally, not the Islamic one).

Hope my text is ordered OK in the small field here, but here goes:

58.0 World War II West (Modern)
18.0 World War I West (Modern)
8.4 Holocaust West (Modern)
4.9 Napoleonic Wars West (Modern)
1.5 Vietnam War West (Modern)
1.3 Korean War West (Modern)
1.2 Expulsion of Germans after WW2 West (Modern)
1.0 Mexican Revolution West (Modern)
0.9 Serbian Genocide West (Modern)
0.79 American Civil War West (Modern)
0.71 Spanish Civil War West (Modern)
0.6 Paraguayan War West (Modern)
0.45 Circassian Genocide West (Modern)
0.12 Bosnian War West (Modern)
0.1 Massacres of Poles by the Ukrainians West (Modern)
0.24 Polish–Lithuanian Deluge West
6.7 Russian Civil War USSR/Russia
4.5 Holodomor (and Soviet famine of 32–33) USSR
55.0 European colonization of Americas West (Christian)
5.9 Thirty Years’ War West (Christian)
2.8 Hundred Years’ War West (Christian)
2.8 French Wars of Religion West (Christian)
1.7 Crusades West (Christian)
1.6 Punic Wars West (Classical)
0.94 Gallic Wars West (Classical)

180,000,000 WESTERN TOTAL

40.0 Taiping Rebellion China
37.0 Three Kingdoms China
29.0 Second Sino-Japanese War China
25.0 Qing dynasty conquest of the Ming China
21.0 An Lushan Rebellion China
8.0 Chinese Civil War China
4.6 Yellow Turban Rebellion China
1.0 Du Wenxiu Rebellion China
35.0 Mongol conquests Asia
17.0 Conquests of Timur-e-Lang Asia (~Islam)
1.7 Cambodian Genocide Asia


3.7 Second Congo War Africa (DR Congo)
1.7 Nigerian Civil War Islam (Africa) – DOUBLE ENTRY
1.7 Shaka’s conquests Africa
1.4 Second Sudanese Civil War Africa
0.71 Rwandan genocide Africa


1.7 Nigerian Civil War Islam (Africa)
1.5 Armenian Genocide Islam (Turkey)
1.0 Iran–Iraq War Islam
0.77 1971 Bangladesh genocide Islam (Modern)
0.75 Greek Genocide Islam (TURKS)
0.6 Modern War in Afghanistan Islam
0.5 War on Terror Blame this on whoever you like.
.27 Assyrian Genocide Islam (TURKS)


Even if we move Timur (the last Mongol warlord, whose claim to
power was based on his alleged descent from Genghis), under the
Islamic tab, that still only gets the Islamic body pile to a grand
total of:

24,000,000 ISLAMIC TOTAL


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