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Camping ….. August 1, 2016

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Was away for a fortnight in Spain where there was WiFi in the house we rented, having a 12 and a 16 year old it got lot’s of use although at times the phones were so fixating it was hard to get them off doing things, the Wifi went down for a few days and there was massive withdrawal symptoms… all of a sudden a request to go to the shop would be gladly accepted as it meant a brief encounter with WiFi…….
Having arrived home we headed off camping with friends for a few days, camping is very much a WiFi free zone and there’s no XBox , playstations or even television. For the children a complete break from technology.
Talking to a number of other parents at the campsite getting away from Technology was a huge part of their camping break and indeed a reason to choose camping . To get the children off their phones and couches and off playing football, climbing trees, walking, running , playing.
Some of the Caravans and Camper Vans had a television but it seemed that was the height of it. The main technology there was some mad looking cookers, BBQs and so on, homes away from home but without the connectivity ….


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